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Should You Visit Barcelona?

by The Masculine Traveler

Should You Visit Barcelona?

I recently read that Barcelona has become the third  most visited city in the world.  For those of you who have dated local Eastern European women and Russians, you will know that Barcelona is a top choice of interest. It is also a main destination for Latinas.  This cosmopolitan city has a vibrant culture, interesting architecture, great cuisine, and is situated on the beach. What else can a beautiful women ask for in deciding on a holiday destination.

It is no secret that Western Europe is far removed from its glory days as the epicenter of western culture and feminine women. Perhaps due to my European heritage, I still enjoy Western Europe for its history, cuisine, and architectural sites. Generally, the women of this part of Europe do not compare favorably with their Eastern European counterparts, but there are still some diamonds in the rough for men with the right combination of looks, style and Game. As already mentioned,a city like Barcelona attracts beautiful women from Latin America and Eastern Europe. I spent some time recently in Barcelona came up with the following  impressions.

1. Accessibility

Should You Visit Barcelona?

There are flights from most major European cities as well as a relatively new direct flight from New York on American Airlines. Just a few years ago, Americans needed to connect via Madrid for the most convenient route into Barcelona. Barcelona has become much more accessible via flights and even with faster connections to Madrid.

Despite its huge increase in tourism over the past few years, Barcelona provided a wide range of accommodations including budget hotels/hostels, mid-range hotels, upscale hotels like the W Hotel and plenty of apartments on AirBnB. Tourism does peak in the summer, so it is best to book your pad in advance if you plan on staying during the hot months.

Like other major European cities, Barcelona is very well connected for public transportation. Buses, trains and the metro connect most of the city affordability. Note: Uber is illegal and public taxis are quite expensive.

I have said before that there are very few international, cosmopolitan cities in the world with a solid beach scene. Rio de Janeiro and Miami are some of my favorites. Barcelona can be added to this list with a vibrant beach scene with a beautiful port, beach volleyball and plenty of cafes and bars to bounce to for food and drinks once you had your fill of the heat.


2. Local Pride

Should You Visit Barcelona?

The locals have great pride their native home, culture and the state of Catalonia. You will see Catalonia flags displayed throughout the city. If you have been keeping up with locals events, you will know that the government of Catalonia has been trying to become independent of Spain. If you understand Spanish, you will also observe that the Barcelona dialect is very different than the rest of the country.

Local pride seems to trump nationalistic pride in Barcelona.


3. Interesting Culture

Should You Visit Barcelona?

Given my predilection for Western European history, Barcelona was a great place to explore from a historical/cultural perspective. Barcelona is world famous for its art and unique Gaudi influenced architecture. There are no shortages of churches, interesting buildings and museums. The local cuisine of tapas, seafood, and wine makes every meal a pleasure.


4. The Number 1 Destination For Women

Ever since the movie “Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona” came out, women from all over the globe have been fantasizing about finding their artistic, eccentric, latin lover in this city. This Woody Allen inspired film painted Barcelona as a safe, vibrant, and interesting destination for women to seek adventure and sex. Women from all cultures think of Barcelona in this manner, particularly American, Latin American and Eastern European.

Should You Visit Barcelona?

Men dream of visiting Ukraine, Russia and Thailand for adventure and sex; women dream of Barcelona.

Barcelona attracts these beautifies from across the globe. Men with solid logistics, style and Game can do quite well in  fulfilling women’s fantasies for sex, love and adventure in their beloved Barcelona.


The Verdict

Should You Visit Barcelona?

I am  a strong advocate on going to the source, so I prefer venturing to Russia, Ukraine, and  Brazil for the local talent. However, Barcelona is a solid option if you want a Western European location with strong imported talent eager to meet a masculine gentleman.

Interested in more destinations in Western Europe? Check out our comprehensive dating guides to Oslo and Iceland.


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