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Slovakian Women – Dating Insights to the Forgotten Slavic Beauties

by The Masculine Traveler
slovakian women

Intro: First Impressions of Slovakia as a Country

Slovakian women are perhaps the least known about group in Central Europe, for men looking to date abroad. Compared to her Central European neighbors, Slovakia is a quieter, less bustling and more provincial place. It’s hard to believe that Bratislava was at one point the capital of the Hungarian Empire, though it retains its industrious and elaborate architectural atmosphere. Travelers coming to Slovakia through Czech, Hungary or Austria will notice the architecture seems to blend in with the general region. The heart of the old Austro-Hungarian Catholic Empire is where you find yourself here.

Despite being a Central European Slavic country, the capital Bratislava actually has lots of money going through, and is not as cheap as you would think. Compared to the West it’s still a good deal, but going out can start adding up fast. Don’t forget some major European cities are very near, especially Vienna.

Unlike Prague, Bratislava has a much more laid back vibe, and Slovaks, in general, seem to be more conservative than their Czech neighbors. While Czechs are some of the least religious people in Europe, Slovaks are some of the most so it provides for an interesting contrast to two countries who used to be one. Czechs jokingly refer to the Slovak language as a farmer’s dialect. Slovaks think Czechs are too German for their own good.


Slovakian Women:  How They Look

Slovakian girls, like most Slavs, are generally physically attractive, and like their Czech cousins who have a blended look with the Germans, the Slovaks seem to have a blend of Slavic, Hungarian and Austrian to them. Unlike their divorced Czech neighbors, Slovakian girls appear more feminine and conservative.

While you’ll find elements of hipsterdom and some crazy girls around nightlife, Slovaks generally take on a classic appearance and conservative demeanor. Practical, comfortable but feminine is how I would describe a typical Slovak girl; a true blend of the German and the Slavic mentality.

Tall, slim, pale, long hair, mixes of blondes and brunettes, you can’t help but think “Slavic” when you see a Slovak girl. There are some real stunners tucked away in this quiet land. They love working out and looking their best, trying to squeeze into a size -1 dress. Compared to Czech girls, Slovak girls instantly appear more feminine. They are a good example of what sticking to tradition and rejecting the sirens of Western consumerism can do for a society.

slovakian women


Slovakian Woman’s Personality

Slovak girls follow the Slavic personality tradition of being introverted and intellectually inclined. They do appear to have a mix of the German coldness, the Ukrainian sizing up and the Russian openness to life (at least when drinking). As Slovaks are one of the more traditional and religious societies in Europe it’s likely when you talk to a Slovak girl you’re being sized up for a long term relationship on multiple levels. Passion with practicality can be tough nut to crack, especially if you don’t share language and cultural upbringing.

No matter how much influence her Central European neighbors give, the Slovak girl is a Slav at heart. Compared to Polish girls, Slovak girls are more reserved, conservative and less adventurous. They’ve adopted the German pragmatism and assimilated it into their provincial Slavic traditionalism.

Speaking to a Slovak girl is not necessarily boring, but I do get the sense that I have to shift gears mentally. Some western style banter and teasing may simply not make sense to them. They don’t seem to crave the super alpha caveman persona that some Russian and Ukrainian girls seem to go for. They seem to want a mix of a strong but accomplished man as the ultimate goal here seems to be family. Language barriers can contribute to this and it does seem the most attractive ones are also the most provincial and least likely to speak English.


Best Cities in Slovakia

Like up in the Baltics, Slovakia has a decent amount of land but a small population. Logically the capital Bratislava is the best starting point as it has the largest population, best English levels as well as enough nightlife and opportunities for daygame.

Kosice may be a viable alternative to Bratislava, with a more historical and medieval atmosphere. At about 250,000 population, daygame may be too sleepy for any volume, though nightlife may still be possible.

Traveling around Slovakia for girls only may be an exercise in torture as you’re consistently in the middle of a small town vibe. In general, Slovakia is the place you establish a long term relationship. If your ego and flag book is really hurting for its +1 and you’re not much into Bratislava, both Budapest and Vienna are an hour’s ride away, with proper big city anonymous vibes. Another alternative is Prague, which is a debaucherously dirty city.

No matter which city you go to, expect interested but slow girls. They’re not hurting for sex, and can easily wait for more than 3 dates. Always ask yourself where you stand with a Slovakian girl. It’s not enough that she’s pretty and is interested in you. Is she letting you lead her to where she wants or is she craftily but surely wasting your time? It can be tough because they really are quite beautiful, but you have to be a man and screen and filter. If you’re looking for a long term relationship, this drawn-out dance may be more to your liking and actually encouraged.

slovakian women kosice


Nightlife in Bratislava

You’ll find nightlife scattered all around the center to try your luck for some fast fun. Nightlife of course brings out the passion. Slovakian girls are not afraid to shake their booties drunk. If you’re doing more daygame, you may forget just how cold and closed off Slovaks can be.

Depending on your look, you may get opened or be given huge signals to approach from some drunk girls during night game. No matter how forward the girl seems, do your part to screen her. If she’s got a boyfriend you may be ending up with a spectacular time waster.  Slovakian girls love to tease, but once you escalate enough, you’ll know for sure if it’s genuinely on or a timewaster. Don’t be fooled by her beauty!

As Bratislava is on the tourist map, keep your eyes out for fellow tourists partying. They may be more open to one night stands than the locals. You can find tourists easily enough in the center.

Slovak girls’ English levels are OK to not very great. You may encounter some difficulty communicating, despite the girl’s interest. Nightlife is also a weekend affair so this adds to the sleepy town atmosphere.


Daygame Bratislava

Daygame follows the Old Town cobblestone style center meets modern business district downtown streets. At a population of about 400,000, the wolfish sniping for a warm IOI is a better bet than jumping around as a spammy rabbit. Matters complicate significantly as you go out to 2nd tier cities since the populations are on average under 75,000.

Since Slovakian girls are generally on the very attractive scale, I’d say the best use of your time if you’re daygaming is to focus on an attractive girl you like, say a 7-8, see if she gives you positive signals pre-approach, then do your normal daygame routine and focus on getting her out as much as you can. Obviously have a few backups just in case, but since the volume won’t be there compared to other cities, it’s best to pick and choose your battles wisely.

Slovakian girls, while conservative and can be closed off during the day, should also be analyzed with caution in the daytime if they seem too open. Some girls like the novelty of the approach and talking to a foreigner, but you want to screen for attraction, not mere novelty interest. Slovak girls are very good at teetering on the edge of the cliff, then violently swinging away. Since the locals have their pick, expect the 8+ girls to be in some sort of relationship.

slovakian women bratislava


Conclusion on Slovakian Women

With lots of nature, mountains, strong religious foundations and an industrious mentality, it’s no surprise this remnant of the Austro-Hungarian Empire is keeping the center threaded together. The girls are attractive, pleasant, intelligent, if a little cautious and old fashioned. You’ll find acceptable English levels, intrigue towards foreigners, but strong boundaries in terms of fast sex.

I haven’t spent too much time in Slovakia as the big city allures of Prague, Budapest, Vienna and even Krakow make this area of Europe more of a stopover. If you’re into nature, don’t mind the small town vibe, or are just interested in passing through something familiar but unusual, Slovakia is a good place to check out, especially as part of a grander Central European itinerary.

For the top tier Slovakian girls, expect to invest a lot of time. Compared to Budapest or Prague, this is a sleepy, slow sex land. Much more suited to establishing relationships and families. For some guys these slow signals might be just the thing they’re looking for.

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