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Slovenian Girls: The Guide to Dating in Ljubljana

by The Masculine Traveler

Slovenia girls remain relatively unknown in the international dating community. This article will shed light on these little known women from Europe.

With a population of just over 2 million, Slovenia is a lesser-known destination tucked away deep in the Balkans, between its more popular neighbors Italy, Croatia and Austria. The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, is easily one of the most underrated cities in Europe in terms of its charm and beauty, coupled with an intimate small-town feel.


The Masculine Traveler Rating Guide

The attractiveness of local women: 3/5
Logistics: 4/5
Cost: 4/5
English Levels: 4.5/5



Typical climate for the Balkans – expect snow and cold temperatures in the winter, and warm weather in the summer. All seasons are worth a visit to take in everything Slovenia has to offer, including the famous Lake Bled. Ljubljana is a bit less active in the winter months, but as with all destinations, university and students are around when compared to the warmer summer months.



Accommodation is quite reasonable, and you can have a solid apartment within walking distance (5-10 minutes max) from the center for roughly $30-40 USD per night. Everything revolves around the center of Ljubljana, and it’s quite compact once you’re inside. The nightlife also revolved mostly inside of the city’s immediate center, so keep all of this in mind when choosing accommodation. With reasonable prices for solid accommodation, there’s not much of a need to look any further than 10 minutes away.

Arrival to Ljubljana is possible via flights (a small offering from some W. European capitals) as well as by bus. Zagreb offers a comfortable 2-hour bus ride over the border into Slovenia on Flix Bus. This is also possible from any of the neighboring countries as well for quite a reasonable price.

Slovenian Girls: The Guide to Dating in Ljubljana



Slovenian is the official language, which bears a lot of similarities to other Slavic languages. Since Slovenia is bordered by a few different countries, if you get closer to these border areas, you can expect to be able to speak those languages in these areas.

In the end, English is all you need and overall the levels are very high, even for those of the older generation.



Slovenian girls are warm and open to a conversation, and high English levels certainly help to keep the conversation going. Although this is the case, we still got to give it to the other Balkan countries in terms of quality – Serbia, Croatia, and even Bosnia Herzegovina have a more solid selection of women in comparison. Although comparing these countries in terms of dress in winter versus summer wouldn’t give an accurate depiction of what one can expect, certainly, looks don’t change so much and the other Balkans have more on offer.

Nonetheless, women are very friendly and easily approachable, and by many are considered some of the easiest in the Balkans.

Slovenian Girls: The Guide to Dating in Ljubljana



Ljubljana offers a few nightlife venues, but it’s far from the optimal destination for the night game lover. A lack of approachable options at night leaves a lot to be desired. This datasheet was written based on an experience during the harsh winter with hard snow fall coupled with temperatures way below freezing, which may have not helped the overall quality seen out at night.

Google will present results for current clubs and bars at your disposal, but all-in-all they’re all low-quality and not worth the time it seems. Klub TOP Six is to be avoided, as here you’ll find heavy Balkan’s style table culture paired with large groups of guys roaming around near the bar. Shooters will allow you to find some students (mostly Erasmus it appears) but again quite low-quality. There’s a few bars near the back street of Sir William’s pub, and what appears to be a solid venue (bar/restaurant combination) directly next door with all glass windows and some talent inside.  Didn’t make it as far as to get inside, but from the outside it looked like this might be one of the best options the city has to offer.


Slovenian Girls: The Guide to Dating in Ljubljana

Online dating is not big in Slovenia. However the best bet is to use International Cupid for meeting Slovenia girls. Read our guide to this dating site, Here


Pleasantly surprised by the warmth of the city, and the many sights to take in both in Ljubljana and Slovenia as a whole, the country should be on any serious traveler’s radar. From a game perspective, there are better destinations overall in terms of quality and quantity, but Ljubljana is definitely worth a look. Since it’s a bit difficult to get to from many of the Western European capitals, you’ll certainly bring some exotic value, especially if you’re coming from the US.

Slovenia perhaps will not remain an underrated city that continues to fly under the radar, so plan to check it out next time you’re close-by in one of the many neighboring countries.

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