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South African Girls: Quick Dating Tips for a New Decade (2020)

by The Masculine Traveler
South African Girls

South African girls are the most European-like on the continent of Africa. South Africa as a destination attracts beautiful women from all over the world. The combination of beautiful holidayers and a solid dating scene for local South African girls makes this African nation a solid destination for men seeking travel adventure and a vibrant dating culture.

Although South Africa has a European feel, it is diverse enthincally and its natives speak 11 different languages. Despite the linguistic diversity, most local speak English fluently.

Most of our writers prefer Cape Town over Johannesburg. Cape Town is not without its safety concerns, but feels safer and more comfortable for visitors. It also seems easier to get a lay of the land. The beaches and natural beach in Cape Town also render it a better travel destination.

The Looks of South African Girls

Over 80 percent of the population of South Africa is Black. The minority of the locals have European roots. Black South Africans are known to be a bit more sexually liberal. Those of European descent are more sexually conservative, perhaps similar to Slavic women, preferring long-term relationships. In terms of looks, White South African women vie for beauty in any major European country. They are less sexually liberated than European girls. One-night-stand occur but are the exception. While their looks can be stunning, they seem to know their value. South African girls have high standards in selecting mates. They seem to have a preference for local White men and Europeans.

Day Game in South Africa

Meeting South African women during the day is tricky. Generally, it is not a safe country. This means that women need to safeguard themselves against crime. Waling around town during the day is not common for local women. Therefore, malls are the best place to meet local women. Men who are fit, well dressed, and social have a great chance of making a connection with a single lady. Women tend to prefer men similar in age. Large age differences are not common. Although, Black South African women are more open to dating men their senior.

Nightlife in Cape Town

Mixing it up with local women at night is possible, however, fast sex is not the norm. Women tend to go out in groups, sometimes accompanied by their male friends. Nightlife in South Africa favors gregarious men who are comfortable interacting in large groups. Lone wolf types are better suited for day game and online dating.

In Cape Town be sure to venture to Long Street, which is the center of nightlife. Specifically check out the following venues:

  • Cafe Mojito
  • The Waiting Room
  • Beer House
  • The Dubliner
  • Bob’s Bar

Online Dating in South Africa

Dating apps are popular. Tinder is the go-to dating app for those under 30. Older men are directed towards South African Cupid. South African Cupid is part of Cupid media which is a reputable dating site geared for women who seek relationships with foreign men. The women on South African Cupid tend to be more long-term relationship-minded, with more of a representation of Black South Africa women. it is a solid choice for men seeking a mini or long-term relationship.


Cape Town, South Africa as a destination is as solid as it comes for nature and pristine beaches. Aside from safety concerns, this city on the edge of the African continent has many favorable factors. The local women are diverse in looks and attitude. In terms of looks, White South African women can compete with women from any European country. Online dating is solid for men who are interested in a long-term relationship, particularly those with a penchant for Black women.

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