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Spanish Women: The Secrets to Dating in Spain

by The Masculine Traveler
Spanish women

We have a lot of experience dating Spanish women and there is a lot to love about them. First off, the women from Spain are much different than Latinas from countries such as Colombia. Many men write off traveling to Spain as a designation to meet women. The sentiment we hear quite a bit, is that Mediterranean countries are for women’s travel destinations, not men’s.  We need to look no further than the movie, Vicky, Christina, Barcelona, in which two American women fall wildly in love with a suave, local Spanish artist. Writing off destinations such as France, Italy, and Spain is foolhardy.

It is well established that Eastern European women on average, are more beautiful and feminine than their western European counterparts. However, in addition to being a great travel destination, the women of Spain are overlooked and undervalued by men. The following sections will break down the best ways to meet, date, and seduce Spanish women.

Impressions of Spanish Women

Spanish women

It is important to highlight that the Spanish are Europeans. They are different, genetically and culturally than Latinos. Spanish women should not be treated the same way as Latinas. Spanish women typically have lighter complexions than their Latina cousins. The typical Spanish girl has long dark hair, olive skin, and brown eyes. However, it is not uncommon to see blonde hair and blue eyes among Spaniards. Nevertheless, brunettes are ubiquitous in Spain.

The average Spanish woman is cute on average, but not overly sexual or glamourous. They tend to dress in casual, fashionable clothing. You won’t see nearly as many high heel shoes like in Kiev. While lacking in glamor, Spanish women have a modest charm to them. They seem more cute or even adorable, as opposed to sexy and cosmopolitan.

The typical Spanish girl is thin. You will not see giant silicon breasts like in Medellin or luscious asses that are so common in Santo Domingo. Spanish women are slender and modestly proportioned. Essentially, they are cute rather than sexy.

Spanish girls tend to take subtle pride in their appearance. Make-up is not overdone but worn modestly on a daily basis. They wear stylish, tidy clothes that give them a fresh, clean appearance.

In terms of personality, Spanish women are highly westernized. They are much more liberal in attitude and independent than any Latina I have ever met. They share the same language but their attitudes are like night and day. Spanish women are bolder in their feminist attitudes than Latinas and Eastern European women. They value their freedom and independence. It is very important to avoid any discussion of gender politics with a Spanish woman. This will be a losing battle and not worth it ultimately. Education and career are important pursuits in the Spanish woman’s life. Girls are encouraged to pursue higher education and career is something they take seriously.

Although independence is important to Spanish women, they are fully passionate and emotional creatures. As with most southern European countries, the northerners in Spain are more reserved, while southerners are more sultry. The women in the south can be more quick-tempered.  However, all Spanish women value relationships above all and harmony within them. Generally, Spanish women are good-natured and inviting. They are not overly enamored with foreigners but they treat them in a welcoming way. The expression, “mi casa, su casa” still exists in Spain to the present day.

Relationships are at the core of Spanish society. Spaniards are highly social creatures. Evenings spent drinking, eating, and walking with friends seem to be an almost daily occurrence for locals. Family and friendships are at the cornerstone of Spanish life. Consequently, the social circle reigns supremely important. Women will judge a man by his social relations and connections. This makes it difficult to hook up on a short stay in Spain without proper social introductions.

Most Spanish women live with their parents until they are married. This is a product of the importance of family, but also seems to be related to economic conditions. Spain hasn’t yet recovered from the financial crisis of 2008. Young, college-educated, women struggle to make ends meet financially.

Despite their independence, Spanish women take great pride in their domestic and familial responsibilities. They keep a tidy home and care for their elder family members.

Unlike Ukrainian Women; however, they do not look to men as their financial saviors. Spanish women are tough, gritty, and resilient. Most are passionate about their careers and value being their financial independence.

Spanish women while liberal, are not slutty. One-night stands do occur in Spain, but less frequently than in countries like Poland, Czech Republic or Germany. As previously mentioned, the social circle is key. A Spanish girl may go home with you quickly if you meet her at a club, but only if her friends approve of you. This usually means you will be cool, well -dressed, and not too much older than her.

While open to dating foreigners, Spanish women do not hold fantasies of their American Prince Charming. The Spanish have grown quite accustomed to foreigners in their land. Historically, they have been invaded by the Phoenicians Greeks, and later the Moors. Interacting with foreigners is nothing new from a historical perspective. Currently, Spain is widely popular with American and European tourists. Men who aspire to seduce Spanish girls will need to provide value to them other than their foreign passports. Looks, fitness, and social skills are very important in seducing Spanish ladies.

How to Meet Spanish Women

Spanish women

The most effective way to seducing Spanish women is through night game. If you are young, good-looking and cool, then you should have no problem hooking up in clubs in Madrid or Barcelona. Be prepared for late nights. Spaniards prefer to eat late dinners, and drink and dance until the early morning. Drinking, wine, cocktails and being a proficient dancer will all be important parts of the seduction process.

One of the biggest factors in seducing a Spanish girl will be conversational in her native tongue language. The Spanish are proud people. Their language is one of the most common languages in the world. English levels are low in Spain by western European standards. Possessing conversation Spanish skills will open many doors to Spanish hearts. The best Spanish learning program that most of our writers have used is Spanish Pimsleur.

Daygame is also a viable option in Spain. Spanish men within the past few years have adopted Daygame, so some women will have experience being approached. In a city like Madrid, there are plenty of cafes, coffee shops, and pedestrian streets to run direct Daygame. Spanish women are generally approachable and polite during the day. Your foreigner status will not be super high due to the high tourism numbers in Spain; however, looks, style and social skills go a long way in meeting a cute Spanish girl.

Online is also worth pursuing. For meeting women in Spain online, two dating websites are recommended.

1. Meeting local Spanish women is always easiest online

Unless you are very comfortable speaking Spanish meeting Spanish girls can be a bit of a struggle in public. Many of them do speak English but it’s hard to tell which of them do and many of them won’t feel comfortable speaking English with a man they don’t know. On the other hand, a LOT more of them are willing to converse online with a new guy. It makes meeting them online MUCH easier.

So many relationships and hookups start online that you really can’t avoid it if you want to find success these days. There are a couple of apps and sites that you should start with as we’ve had the best success with them:

If you just want to hook up with Spanish girls use Adult FriendFinder

If you’re not looking for a relationship and just want to find some Spanish girls to fool around with Adult FriendFinder is the best option right now. It’s really popular and the results are way better, even for average guys, than with Tinder (which is full of girls just looking for compliments).  It’s where we’ve seen most guys get the best results.

As someone who travels a lot we really like it because it gets great results in most places we spend time. If the city has any kind of English-speaking population it works (especially in Western countries). Check out their free trial and see how it works in Spain as well as in your home town.

If you want a real relationship try Cupid

International Cupid is the best online dating site for meeting true local women in Spain that want to start a relationship with a foreign guy. It is recommended that you start messaging girls a few weeks prior to your arrival. This is the sweet spot for building a rapport without it being too far in advance and risking losing any momentum built.

International Cupid is great because you can meet women from all over the worldly. It is the quintessential international playboy’s dating app, as you can use it in all the other countries you hit, not just Spain. Read our exclusive review of International Cupid here

2. Meeting Latinas online in Spain

In addition to local girls, there are plenty of Latinas in Spain. These women come from countries such as Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela to work and study. Latin American Cupid is the premiere dating site for meeting Latinas. There are many Latinas in Spain who use this site to meet foreign men.

Select the Right Spanish City

There are plenty of options in Spain. For the full Spanish experience and access to the best women, you should look towards the following cities:

Each one of these cities has its own unique set of advantages.


Madrid being the capital city will have the most diversity of women. The opportunity exists to meet women from all over Spain. Madrid also has the advantages of the following:

1. Short-term accommodations on AirBnB are cheap for a European capital. For best logistics look to stay in one of the neighborhoods:

  • Salamanca
  • Chamberi
  • Cortes
  • Malasana

2. Madrid has the best nightlife of any Spanish city. Although it has declined a bit in the past few years, it is still hands-down the party city of Spain. During the summer, there will be plenty of options in Madrid every night of the week. Check out these bars for a mix of Spanish girls and foreigner girls:

  • Sala Caravan
  • Gabana Club 1800
  • Ramses



Barcelona has a much more international feel. It doesn’t seem as “Spanish”. Integration into Catalan society seems easier than in Madrid. Also, there are a lot more beautiful Russian Women.

Consider the following for Barcelona:

1. It is very easy to navigate. Consider staying in one of the two neighborhoods:

  • Poble-Sec
  • Barceloneta

2. Nightlife is solid in Barcelona. There are less venues than in Madrid, but one-night-stands occur more frequently with Catalan girls. Check out the following night venues:

  • Razzmatazz
  • La Ovella Negra
  • Sutton the Club




Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain with just over 1 million people. Valencia offers the following key advantages:

  1. Valencia is one of the best cities in Europe for the weather. It has over 330 sunny days per year.
  2. It is a compact city, easily navigable.
  3. Beaches are within walking distance of the center.
  4. It is a cheaper option than Madrid and Barcelona.
  5. There are less tourists. Your foreigner status will go further here than it does in either Madrid or Barcelona.
  6. Nightlife is solid. Check out the following venues:
    • Bolseria
    • Jimmy Glass Jazz bar
    • La Posada de las Animas


Closing Thoughts on Spanish Women and Spain

With over 60 million residents, Spain is a large country with perfect weather, blessed with beautiful mountains and beaches. As a destination, Spain has so much to offer with its rich history and culture. It is well known for its museums, wine and cuisine. Spain as an international dating location is overlooked by men seeking adventure with foreign ladies. While countries like Ukraine and Russia will offer more classically beautiful and feminine women, Spain has a few key advantages. This European country has charm, great cuisine, and a comfortable climate. The overall quality of life is higher here than further east.

Local Spanish women will take an effort. Spanish language ability, style, looks, youth, and social circle are all important factors for dating in Spain. Spain is not a great destination for swooping in on a short stay for sexual conquests. However, with the vast numbers of Latinas, and Eastern European ladies, and local Spanish women to choose from, Spain offers more dating diversity than I originally thought.

Overall, this southern European country is worth a second look for those men who have written off Western Europe.

Interested in more European destinations? Read our guide to Oslo, Norway. 


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