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Dating Tajik Women: Say What?

by Dantes
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Tajik women are probably not the first ethnic group to come to mind when thinking of exotic, foreign women.

In our commitment to reporting on the international dating scene from all corners of the globe, we will bring to light what it is like to travel and date in Tajikistan. 

Tajikistan is a landlocked, impoverished former Soviet Republic that most will never have a chance or desire to visit.

While we are not selling this bizarre destination as a paradise for men, its off-the grid location makes it an interesting destination for adventure travel.

The obscurity of Tajik women warrants a closer examination from men who seek a long-term relationship with a conservative woman. 

Dating Dushanbe

The capital of Tajikistan is Dushanbe and is the main economic, cultural and educational center of the country.

Tajikistan is a developing country, overshadowed by its larger neighbors in the region- Russia, Iran, China, Uzbekistan. 

Tajikistan is a Muslim country, culturally similar to other nations located in the Silk Road.

The locals are friendly, hospitable, and curious about foreigners. As you can imagine, Tajikistan receives very few tourists.

There aren’t many tourist attractions and its location make it difficult to get to.

Most flights will connect through Moscow. In fact, many Tajik men work in Russia and send money home to their families, earning higher wages in Russia. 


Although Tajikistan is relatively safe, it was rocked by a violent murder of tourists a few years ago.

This tragic event crippled any hope of tourism in the future. Hence, most foreigners are diplomats and a few older, western men teaching English.

dating in dushanbe

Tajikistan shares a boarder with Afghanistan.

Rumors of illegal drug smuggling across the boarder are widespread. 

Tourism to Tajikistan

There are several factors a play which renders Tajikistan as a no-go for most tourists.

Furthermore, Dushanbe is quite boring.

The entirety of the city can be seen in a day of walking. The infrastructure and hotel amenities are far below western standards.

The poverty in Tajikistan is on par with the levels observed in India. The most beautiful part of the country are the mountain landscapes in Pamir. 

Tajik Women

The best part of this impoverished, isolated nation is the women.

Tajik women look very similar to Persian girls.

They have long dark, straight hair, brown eyes, and tend to be short on average. Tajik girls resemble Persians, but with a slight Slavic twist. The average girl in the capital will not blow you away, but there are some real stunners to be found. 

dating tajik women

Culturally, girls are quite conservative. One-night-stand are nonexistent and most girls remain virgins until marriage.

Tajiks value family and children above all. They are moderately religious, but Islam plays an important role in their lives. 

Tajik women are feminine, traditional and sweet. The younger generation has a surprising high level on English speaking ability. Many received formal English classes since early childhood. 

Dushanbe Nightlife

Dushanbe seems like a big village. Everyone seems to know each other. Nightlife tends to be an opportunity to socialize with friends as opposed to meeting new people.

There are a few clubs worth checking out but moderate your expectations. Hooking up in clubs should not be the goal.

Instead, use nightlife as a way to make friends and learn about Tajik culture.

The novelty of a foreigner in a club, will spark enough interest from girls for them to introduce you to her group. 

If you meet a single girl, take her number and schedule a date with her during the day.

Tajik girls are enthusiastic about showing their country to foreigners.

They are welcoming host and love practicing their English. 

Check out the following nightlife venues:

  •       Opera
  •       Loft
  •       Istiqlol
  •       Wild West Bar
  •       Texas Pub

Day game in Dushanbe

During the day, women are friendly and open to engaging in conversation. If they are single, they are receptive to meeting foreigners and even setting up a date.

Public displays of affection are rare, and it is best to keep a comfortable distance in public to respect cultural norms.

The best places to meet Tajik women during the day are in upscale cafes. Specifically check out:

  • Tapioca
  • Merve
  • Sega Freddo
  • Rudaki is the main street which receives a lot of foot traffic. This is also a solid place to approach women indirectly. 

Online Dating in Tajikistan 

In terms of online dating, Tinder is virtually nonexistent.

The only real option is Muslima which has a small but fair representation of Tajik women who are looking for long-term relationships and marriage. 

Muslima is part of Cupid Media, which is an established, premier dating site for women who seek relationships with foreign men. 


Prioritizing a trip around Tajikistan would be foolish. The country isn’t interesting enough to warrant as priority destination. However, Tajikistan can make an interesting compliment to a central Asia trip.

Moreover, Tajikistan is not a destination for hooking-up. The best element in Tajikistan is the people. They are warm and friendly.

Tajik women are cute, traditional and conservative.

They are ideally suited for marriage.

Men who have the time, inclination, and desire to meet a traditional woman for marriage might consider Tajikistan as the women tick many of the boxes for marriage potential.  

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