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Thai Girls & Dating in Bangkok (2019)

by The Masculine Traveler

Thai girls garner a lot of attention in the international community. They are known to be sexually liberal, sweet, and fun to be around. Thai girls live in the moment and don’t take life too seriously. They make great girls for mini-relationships.

In you ave the intention of dating Thai girls in Bangkok, you should start your preparation with a throughout search of Bangkok. In this article we will review the unique factors that will make you successful with Thai girls in Bangkok.

Bangkok is a tough animal to crack. It is a massive, sprawling city that can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned travelers. The capital of Thailand is home to over 8 million inhabitants and is known as the older man’s paradise in SEA. A tropical climate, low cost of living and friendly Thai girls make up what many seek after when looking to settle down at an older age.

Best known for its vibrant street life combined with the Buddhist shrines sprawled throughout the city, Bangkok is a stopping point for most travelers at some point of their journeys through SEA.

Does Bangkok it live up to its reputation? Let’s take a deeper look.

The Masculine Traveler Rating Guide

Attractiveness of local women: 2.5 / 5
Receptiveness to Nightgame approach: 4 / 5
Logistics: 4 / 5
Cost: 4 / 5
English Levels: 2.5 / 5


Bangkok is located in SEA, meaning a tropical climate with a rainy season stretching from mid-May until October – something certainly to keep in mind while planning your trip.

Recommended months for visiting are January through April in order to limit your chances of enjoying constant rainfall as during the monsoon months.


There’s simply no way around it – traveling through Bangkok’s immediate center can be both time-consuming and a complete energy sink.

Constant traffic, combined with humid temperatures can seem quite daunting for first-time visitors. There’s a reason why locals like to hang out in airconditioned malls.

With this in mind, logistics are absolutely crucial when planning a trip to Bangkok.

In order to be most effective, many first-time visitors stay in the direct center on the long street best known by the name Sukhumvit. The street itself is walkable and stretches for at least a few kilometers long.

There are a few advantages to keep in mind when choosing to stay in this area:

  • Close to Bangkok’s main shopping malls for both dining and daygame
  • Within proximity to many of the cities top clubs and nightlife
  • Easy access to public transport

As with everything, there are also a few disadvantages for consideration:

  • A lot of foreigners will be found in this area, and it’s not uncommon to hear English while walking down the street
  • Higher prices for accommodation (yet still quite reasonable) compared to other areas
  • Many semi-pros and also pros hanging around (especially at night), making it sometimes difficult to distinguish the difference between the first timers

Should you decide to give the direct center a chance, here’s the general area you should be looking at when booking a hotel:

As for recommendations on accommodation, Aspira G offers excellent rooms at very reasonable prices and a lax guest policy to boot.

If you do choose to stay on Sukhumvit, it’s definitely recommended to consider other areas a bit off the beaten path on subsequent visits as here you will find a more local experience as well as less P4P.

The metro in Bangkok is well-connected but can be a bit of a tight fit at times. In the end, it offers a cheap and air-conditioned option for travel around the city.

Taxis within Thailand, as with the rest of SEA, are quite reasonable and easily accessible using the mobile app Grab.

Working nearly the same as Uber, type in your destination and a taxi will be sent to pick you up at the desired time.

The Executive Dating Thai Girls in Bangkok, Thailand


Overall, the general population’s English isn’t very high when taking into consideration the obscure amount of tourism that Thailand sees on a yearly basis (roughly 1% of the countries GDP is sourced from the sex industry, a large portion of that coming from foreigners).

Really the English levels among Thai girls can be quite varied – sometimes you’ll get into a taxi with a 20-some-year-old Thai who can barely say hello. Other times, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you meet someone who can converse at nearly native levels.

In general, it’s a safe rule of thumb that most likely when a girl speaks excellent English that she’s been hanging around many foreigners and maybe she’s even looking for payment. More on this later.

In the end, tourist infrastructure is quite built-up in Thailand and you won’t have too many problems with making your way throughout the country. Where you might have some issues is striking up a conversation with that seemingly normal Thai girl you just met during your day game session on the cities’ outskirts.


The majority of Thai girls can be characterized by their small frames, jet black hair, and dark skin. The women overall can seem a bit childish in comparison to those of Europe or Latin America but do offer some appeal when it comes to their sweet and feminine core.

Thai girls know and respect their role as a woman, let the man lead and will cook and clean without even saying a peep.

There’s really no social stigma towards the idea of sex in Thailand, and women are quite open with their sexuality and will flirt with you in private. In public, normal Thai women will not be as open to flirting with a foreigner since they won’t want to look like a prostitute and don’t want to be judged by other Thais – certainly something to keep in mind if you plan on checking out nightlife and visiting places where mostly locals hangout.

Bottom line – you should play the role of a man and be assertive when working with Thai girls.

Leadership is a quality looked up upon and will be rewarded.

The Executive Dating Thai Girls in Bangkok, Thailand


Online Game

Whatever you do, avoid Tinder while in Bangkok. There are two reasons for this:

  • The quality is quite low for normal girls
  • When you find a seemingly attractive girl, take a closer look at her bio – 9/10 times, she will state she’s a ladyboy

For whatever reason, Tinder in Bangkok (and also in many parts of Thailand) appears to the go-to app for ladyboys.

If that’s your forte, you’ve certainly struck gold and you’ll have a field day with Tinder.

Otherwise, stick to Thai Cupid for meeting normal Thai girls.

The quality is decent, and you’ll have a lot less to weed through when trying to find a sweet Thai girl to take out on a date.

The Executive Dating Thai Girls in Bangkok, Thailand



The street talent in Bangkok isn’t super impressive, but there will certainly be a few options to work with.

Sukhumvit has a ton of foot traffic, and would be an option during the day if you’d also like to throw some foreign girls into the mix.

The following malls located on/near Sukhumvit are a great starting place for finding eligible women to chat up:

  • EmQuartier – Our top pick. Home to a handful of high-end stores, and a great selection of dining options on the bottom floor
  • Siam Paragon
  • CentralWorld
  • MBK
  • Terminal 21-Our second pick for the amount of volume

You’ll also find a few parks directly in the center of Bangkok, where lots of career Thai girls go to workout after they finish their 9-5. Those two parks would be Lumphini Park and Benjakitti Park.


It can be quite frustrating as a beginner in Thailand to first differentiate which Thai girls are semi-pros and which ones are normal girls.

Sometimes you’ll walk into a club on a Tuesday at 1AM, and it will be packed with sets making strong eye contact and while swinging their hips in a very sexual manner.

Are they working, club girls or perhaps just normal girls? Hard to tell.

The first rule of thumb is the earlier you start out, the less chance you’ll be taking home a semi-pro, or possibly even a straight up pro. Even after much conversation, it can be difficult to distinguish a semi-pro from a normal girl.

It’s quite common for semi-pros to come home with you, only to ask for money after intercourse.

It’s best to be upfront with girls 5-10 minutes into the interaction just to set expectations in regards to two things:

  • If she’s working, or not
  • Whether she could possibly be a ladyboy, or not

If you run these by her in a somewhat joking manner, but remain firm awaiting response, you should be able to clear those up and get an answer as needed.

Strange for some, but these are simply the rules of business for operating in Thailand.

The Executive Dating Thai Girls in Bangkok, Thailand

Below is a condensed list of Bangkok’s nightlife options for meeting Thai girls:


  • Vanilla Sky
  • Sky on 20
  • Above Eleven
  • 360
  • Octave


  • RCA/Route 66 – known as “that place” to pick-up normal Thai girls
  • Sugar
  • Levels
  • Onyx – Located in RCA, expect EDM
  • MIXX
  • Insanity
  • Glow – Been around for a long time, once a look

The below options might be interesting for a late night stroll to take in the go go bar scene, but if you’re not interested in P4P, then avoid:

  • Soi Cowboy
  • Nana

The Executive Dating Thai Girls in Bangkok, Thailand


The Verdict

Bangkok is a thriving city which doesn’t really compare to any other in the world. As with many of the destinations we write about, there’s no question that everyone should make a trip to Thailand at least once in their lives to see it for themselves.

Keeping it short and sweet, Bangkok has a lot to offer for who those ready for some mischief. Thai girls in fact are sweet, friendly, cute and go with the flow. While there are many attractive Thai girls in Bangkok, they fail in comparison for other girls in Asia such as Koreans.

Is it a game paradise? Certainly not.

There’s plenty of locations with better talent and a lot less dirt to sift through that the Thai capital presents.

Ladyboys, semi-pros, and straight up savage prostitutes – it all can become a bit tiring too quickly when taking into consideration the reward factor versus other places around the world.

Be sure to read our guide to Phuket.



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Rich September 26, 2019 - 1:28 PM

I’ll tell you why this is so awesome.
It’s honest.
Bkk isn’t at all playground of 10 or 15 years ago when 100 free 1 nights stands a year was easy. The giels are also getting fat.
Bravo sir.

TMT October 8, 2019 - 7:06 PM

Thanks for the comment, Rich

Kassidy October 14, 2019 - 4:32 AM

You write: “While there re many attractive Thai girls in Bangkok, they fail in comparison for other girls in Asia such as Koreans.”

They fail?? Really? I think you fail as a sexist douchebag.

TMT November 27, 2019 - 5:47 PM

One average Korean women are more attractive. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t attractive women in Thailand.

Derek March 6, 2020 - 2:58 PM

How is that sexist lol? Korean woman are definitely more attractive though overall, but to each his own I guess.

Rupert December 25, 2019 - 9:57 PM

I have lived in bangkok a long time. If you are in your prime and good looking (blonde & blue eyes especially) you can clean up in terms of short term relationships. You may have to finance most of the dates, meals, activities etc but it’s possible to keep these costs pretty low in bangkok.

It’s not easy to find gf or wife material unless you don’t mind being financing everything. Many men have been left penniless by them. Thai girls are best left for fun and fun they are if you know when to call it a day. You can of course get lucky but this happens to a very small percentage of guys.

Worldpussyhunter July 18, 2020 - 11:44 PM

Confused why you have english levels at 2.5/5 yet almaty kahzahastan u had them at 3.5??? What??? I found thailand even taxi drivers mostly knew english… it was almaty where very few knew english(except on tinder)

No offense how long did u spend on almaty kazahastan. Also i always felt safe there..

Speakerofthethai November 3, 2020 - 10:55 AM

If you look into spending more time in Thailand I’d recommend learning basic Thai converstation. 100 words about what you like to eat, do and work go long mile with a google translate at hand for more complex sentences.

Still English is not super common in less touristy areas and girls who don’t speak English are in fact easier from my experience. Again not to say that Thai girls are overly hard but I found myself quickly shooting for better looking hotties which do require some effort.

I almost had a feeling sometimes that getting in bed faster was like a compensation for not knowing enough English to support conversation.

Waiting to get back once this Covid crap is over. Miss my girls. Back in the west I’m just another IT dude with average to slightly above average prospects.


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