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The Best Alternative to Tinder for Successful Online Dating

by The Masculine Traveler

Not achieving success with Tinder? Many men are in the same boat. In this article, we will review the best alternative to Tinder for men who have poor results with the popular dating app.

Back in 2014-2017, Tinder was the clear winner for men seeking to meet attractive women online. Tinder was new, cool, and offered an easy and refreshing way to meet girls online. It was more user-friendly than traditional dating sites such as Match and Eharmony. Tinder quickly became the premier dating app of choice.

It is important to highlight that many men still have supreme success with Tinder. Men cleaning up on Tinder typically fall into the following categories:

  • Young
  • Living in a cool, desirable location
  • Tall
  • Very good looking
  • They are in excellent shape
  • Superior profile pictures, illustrating and exciting and adventurous life

Men who fall into the top 10 percent for looks and the procession of an amazing lifestyle, frankly speaking, are cleaning up on Tinder.

Those men who are in the bracket of the top 10- 20 percent can have success but may have to deal with the usual pitfalls of online dating such as flaking and not attaining their desired quality of women.

For all other men who seek youthful, attractive women, Tinder has become a waste of time, energy and potentially money.

So what happened? In reviewing the downfall of Tinder we must look at a few societal changes.

  • Women in western countries now place men’s appearance as the most important desirability trait. Looks, youth and fitness reign supreme in Tinder dating dynamics.
  • Many women use Tinder as a platform to increase their social media presence. Tinder allows its users to link their profile with Instagram, for example. Many women do not have a sincere desire to meet a potential partner and instead, use Tinder to monetize their social media.
  • The Sugar Baby craze made inroads onto Tinder. Many women now use Tinder to secure a Sugar Daddy of for straight-up escorting.
  • Tinder gained a reparation as a “hookup app” and not a mechanism for dating or finding a relationship. Women simply don’t take Tinder seriously and often use it when they are bored.

In reviewing the progression of Tinder, we can conclude that it is completely dichotomous. It is an outstanding dating app for young, genetically gifted men, and a waste of time for others.

At The Masculine Traveler, we are strong advocates for men to constantly work to improve themselves with regarding to physical fitness, fashion style, social skills, and emotional wellness. In doing so, men dissever other avenues of meeting quality women. These include meeting women from Daygame, Travel, fitness activities, cultural events and at nightclubs. With that said, in the modern era, online dating is an important component as well. Online dating offers men the ability to screen for their desired characteristics in women efficiently in time, energy and dollars spent.

For those who seek an alternative to Tinder, we recommend Cupid Media. Cupid Media was founded in 2000 and is currently based in Australia. It offers 35 niche dating websites based on religion, ethnicity, lifestyle and special interests.

Many of our writers have been using Cupid Sites for years. Cupid dating sites offer several advantages over Tinder:

  • Most women are looking for long-term relationships and marriage.
  • Registered for a profile on Cupid requires more energy that simply uploading photos. There is still an old school section for writing out yourself and what you are seeking.
  • Cupid dating sites are not linked with social media.
  • Cupid prioritizes verifying that profiles are real and scam profiles are dealt with swiftly.
  • It is free to join and browse female members to see if its right for you.
  • The fee for full membership is reasonable and the cost per month if lower if you sign up for a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month option.
  • Most importantly there is diversity with Cupid Dating sites. Cupid Media offers some of the following niche dating sites.


Dating in Asia

Asia Dating

This Asian dating site is a solid platform for meeting Asian women all over Asia and Australia.

It is also solid for western countries like England, The United States, and Canada.


Dating in Russia

Russian Cupid

This is the premier dating app for meeting Russian Women who seek marriage and long-term relationship for foreigners.


Dating in Ukraine

Ukraine Date

Similar to Russian Cupid, this dating app features Ukrainian girls interested in meeting foreigners.

Read our review of Ukraine Date here.


Dating in Colombia

Colombia Cupid

Colombia Cupid is the go-to dating site for meeting beautiful Colombian women.

Read our review of Colombia Cupid here.


Dating in Brazil

Brazil Cupid

Like Colombia Cupid, this site features the sexiest women of South America, Brazilian women.

Read our review of Brazil Cupid.


Dating in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Cupid

This dating app provides the opportunity to meet the beauties of this island nation.

Read our review of Dominican Cupid here.


Dating in Latin America

Latin American Cupid

Featuring a diverse representation of latin women, this site is a must for Latin lovers.


Dating Around the World

International Cupid

Similar to using Tinder Plus, this site allows you to meet foreign women in every country around the globe.

Read our review of International Cupid here.


Closing Thoughts

Tinder is past its prime as the premier dating app for many men in western countries. Fortunately, Tinder does not have a monopoly for online dating. For domestic dating and International dating, men have an a better platform.

With 35 niche dating sites, Cupid Media offers the best alternative to Tinder for men who are more seeking long-term relations and marriage, but who have not achieved their desired results from Tinder.

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