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Dating for Older Men: Best Counties to Visit

by The Masculine Traveler
Top 5 Destinations For The Older Man

Dating for older men is not widely covered in international dating. For older men, we have identified. The following 5 countries, are the best travel destinations for older men in our experience. They are each unique in their own way with a different set of advantages. These countries are listed in no particular order:


1. Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is great for a short stay. Online Game allows you to hit the ground running upon your arrival. This is the easiest hook up country in the Americas and solid for mini-relationships. Age differences 15-20 years are the norm.

If you are looking for long-term relationship, I suggest Santiago.
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Also, read my article on Santo Domingo, a great city for meeting sexy, voluptuous women.

Best Travel Destinations For Older Men


2. Brazil

I spent more time here out of any country that I’ve listed. This former “men’s paradise” is still a solid option despite the negative reports over the past few years.

• Every man should visit Brazil once in his life. Brazil is still one of the best travel destinations for olde men.

Rio can be fun, but if you are looking for  something serious, I advise Belo Horizonte or Sao Paolo. Your foreigner value will be highest in the North. Language and not having enough time will be your biggest challenges.

If you are good looking, have Game and some means, then age differences will not be an issue.

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Best Travel Destinations For Older Men



3. Colombia

The best combination for quality and girls being open to big age differences. Women are sexy and feminine. Online dating is solid.

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Best Travel Destinations For Older Men


4. Ukraine

The most beautiful women in the world reside in Kiev. If you have time, this is a good place to look for a long-term relationship. Girls take longer to bed than the other countries on this list. Girls are open to a 15-20 year age difference. Plan for a long trip to fully understand Ukrainian culture. This is not a destination for the novice player.

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Best Travel Destinations For Older Men


5. Russia

More expensive than Ukraine, but the women are first rate. If looking for a long term relationship marriage and have a few months, I would give Russia priority. Overall Ukraine is better for the 40 plus player than Russia. However, I place Russian girls as the top prize due to their looks, culture, intelligence, and personality.

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Through my experience traveling over the past decades, these are the best travel destinations for the older man. I have spent considerable time in all five of 5 countries. Determine which of the 5, is best for you will be determined by many factors. Check out our comprehensive cities guides for more information on which country is best for you. What all of these countries have in common as they are the best countries for older men looking to date younger women.

All five of these countries have solid online dating opportunities with Cupid Media. This is the best international dating website out there.



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Doug October 20, 2020 - 4:19 AM

How are there no Asian countries on the list? Thailand and the Philippines should be at the top!


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