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Turkish Women: Dating Tips for the Crossroads of Europe & Asia

by The Masculine Traveler

Turkish women are a bit of an enigma. While visiting countries with high Turkish populations such as Germany, most of the Turkish women I saw were overweight and had unattractive faces. They did not seem to care for their appearance at all. It wasn’t until I met and dated a beautiful Turkish woman in the United States, that my opinion changed with regard to Turkish girls. This woman was stylish, educated and sophisticated. Besides her superficial traits, she was incredibly sweet, fun and nurturing.  My perceptions of what a Turkish woman could like look and be, were altered.

Turkey has been a destination interest of mine for a long time. This ancient empire rivals the world’s most famous civilizations in history and contribution to world affairs. My cultural and historical interests recently took me to a stay in Turkey, affording me the opportunity for mixing it up with the local women, complimenting an otherwise cultural type of trip.

In preparation for my trip, I was surprised by the lack of information pertaining to the dating and nightlife scene in Istanbul. The dearth of information was considering it is one of the famed cities of the world and a popular stopover at a minimum. The existing dating information was limited some generic dating sites, in which the author clearly had not set foot in Turkey let alone dated a Turkish woman. Being an explorer at heart, I went in with an open mind. Tis experience in Turkey offered some interesting insights into dating Turkish women.

Generally, Turkish women have long dark hair, olive complexions and brown eyes. The average woman walking the streets in Turkey will not compete with the beauties in Ukraine. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see numerous cute, stylish, young, attractive women walking the streets of Istanbul. The more upscale areas like in Istanbul for example, tend to have the most stylish and western looking Turkish women.

Regarding the personalities of Turkish women, they struck me as reserved, quiet and initially shy. However, they are incredibly welcoming and polite to foreigners. Recently, Turkey has seen a drop-off in Tourism, for good cause. The Turkish were nothing but hospitable to me during me stay. With that said, Turkish women don’t seem to hold a strong curiosity of the outside world. They seem content and satisfied with their lives in Turkey. Consequently, foreigners do not receive any real exotic bonus like in countries of Russia and The Philippines.

English levels are relatively low and remind me of Moscow.

As a foreigner dating local girls in Turkey, there are several factors that come into play. The following will review essential dating tips for Turkish women.

1. Consider staying in Istanbul

Turkey is a large country that boasts beautiful beaches, famous archeological sites, and world class resorts. In the country where East meets West, the wealth of traditions and culture are spread out along this remarkable country. Cities such as Cappadocia, Antalya, and Bodrum are well worth the visit.

However, Istanbul is the largest and most important city. It is filled with famous historic sites such as Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace. From a dating perspective, it is the most liberal city in a Muslim country. While a sizable portion of the population of Istanbul is religiously conservative, the most liberal-minded women reside in city formerly known as Constantinople.

turkish women

2. Select the right neighborhood

Istanbul is a sprawling, massive city. Three bridges separate the European from the Asia part. There are so many neighborhoods to choose from. From the perspective of gaining an authentic Turkish experience while placing you in area with solid talent, the following areas are recommended:

Arnavutköy: is a solid choice as it is in the heart of nightlife. It is an upscale neighborhood right by the Bosphorus. During the day, there will be plenty of tourists out an about. Later in the evening, cocktail bars will be frequented by tourists and locals, alike.

Sisli: is also an upscale neighborhood where the upscale local Turks of Istanbul like to hang out. On weekend nights, you will see some of the best talent in the city. With malls, shops, and cafes, Sisli is also a great place to Daygame. Make sure to check out Istanbul Cevahir, which is the largest mall in Europe.

Sisli felt like the most European and spirited part of Istanbul to me. The talent of local women during the day and at the local bars of this upscale neighborhood was impressive.

Sisli is the clear winner as far as logistics go, in Istanbul. Start checking apartments in Istanbul with Airbnb and receive a $30 discount on your first booking with this link. 

3. Take advantage of cheap flights to Turkey

Turkish Airlines is one of the best in the world. It also offers great affordability and a free stopover in Istanbul.In addition, Turkish Airlines offers a free hotel night on a stopover in Istanbul. Keep in mind that there is an new international airport in Turkey. Consequently, if you are in Istanbul for a short stay and looking for a hotel airport, make sure it is close to the new airport in Istanbul.

4. Respect the religion and culture

As well-traveled, masculine men we aspire to enjoy the full experience of traveling abroad within the parameters of local norms and traditions. Understand that Turkey while secular, has strong Islamic roots. Religion is extremely important to many Turks. Alcohol is usually permitted in Turkey.

In many areas, Istanbul feels like any other European city. However, be mindful of the present political situation and keep a low profile, particularly with girls. Do not engage in public displays of affection like kissing. This will not be received well in Turkey. There is no need to attraction undo attention. Save it for the bedroom.

5. Prepare for inadequate transportation

Public transpiration will not impress you in Turkey as it does in Germany. With over 20 million people, there aren’t enough metro lines. Taxis are not cheap but affordable.

Ridesharing apps like Uber will not work the way they do in Europe.

6. Online dating in Turkey

Online dating is not as popular as it is in Europe and the United States. Tinder yields poor results. The best online dating app for meeting Turkish women is Muslima. Muslima is one of the niche dating sites offered by Cupid Media. Women who use Muslima are looking for long-term relationships and marriage. There is a solid representation of Turkish women who use this dating app.

Turkish women

7. Meeting women during the day in Istanbul

There are plenty of malls, cafes and coffee shops to meet girls during the day in Istanbul. It is best to use an indirect approach. Focus on women who appear more liberal based on their style of clothing.

Be mindful that Istanbul is not a city to spam approach. Approach women during the day in moderation and do not be too direct.

8. Nightlife

Meeting Turkish women at night in Istanbul is certainly possible. However, moderate your expectations as one night stands are rare. The best combination for liberal and attractive women will be found at the following venues:

  • 360
  • Rub
  • Sortie

9. Approach in moderation

Turkish men are not generally aggressive. However, they are possessive of their women. Do not approach women directly when they are in the company of men. In Istanbul, approach wisely and understand the environment and context always, before making a move. An indirect style of approach is advised for both Daygame and Nightgame. Be wary of your surroundings and limit your Direct approaches for opportunities that with tourist women in Istanbul.

10. Adjust your expectations

Turkish women can be more sexually liberal when outside their home country. However, they are much more conservative in Turkey. Turkish culture remains much more conservative compared with the cultures of Europe.

Turkey is not a destination for fast sex. Turkish women are ideally suited for long-term relationships and marriage. They are family-oriented, loyal, nurturing. We have previously written that Turkey is a great place to look for a wife.

turkish women

Closing Thoughts

With its ancient history, world-class cuisines, and beautiful seaside, Turkey is a fascinating destination. However, it is not a destination to visit sole for mixing it up with the local girls. While not the most attractive on average, there are certainly many attractive, stylish, and feminine women in Turkey. This issue is more related to the conservative culture.

Unless, you have aspirations of a long-term relationship or marriage, and can stay in Turkey for awhile, it isn’t a recommended love destination. One night stands and casual sex are the exception. Turkish women are much more conservative compared with European women.

As with Azerbaijan, Turkey is one place that I hope does not change with respect to sexual behavior. It is refreshing to see women who prioritize family and marriage over meaningless sexual encounters.

With that said, as a foreigner you will likely meet Turkish women who are more liberal. They will tend to have higher English ability and be well traveled. The more liberal types of Turkish women represent your best chances of forming a connection. Liberal is a relative to the context. This does not mean liberal as in Scandinavian liberal. Turkish liberal is conservative relative to the Anglo world. While in Turkey, proceed with caution and prudence in dating Turkish ladies. Be mindful of your surroundings, the political situation and the woman’s social connections.

Not knowing what to expect from Turkish women prior to my stay in Istanbul, I was pleasantly surprised to see the virtue of women still intact and uncorrupted. Not all Turkish women are saints, but they certainly place family, culture and religion above meaningless carnal desires. There are plenty of other destinations that will provide ripe opportunities for fast sex. Turkey is not one of them. It is however, a wonderful pace to look for a long-term relationship with a family oriented woman.

Start meeting Turkish women online who are interested in long-term relationships with Muslima.


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