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Ukraine Dating: The Guide to Meeting Women in Lviv

by The Masculine Traveler
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Ukraine dating in Lviv is a bit different than other popular destinations in Ukraine such as, Kiev and Odessa. In this article we will review how Ukraine dating is different in this western Ukrainian city. We will cover the best places to meet women during the day, at night, and online to give you an upper-hand in Ukraine dating in Lviv.

Lets start with an overview of the city of Lviv.

Lviv, a city with a population of nearly 750,000 inhabitants is a quaint town situated in Western Ukraine, not far from the Polish border. Previously a part of Poland, Lviv still has some Polish influence which can be seen in the city’s architecture.

The city of Lviv has a rich Ukrainian influence and is opposite to what you will find in the far Eastern parts of the country.

Ukrainian girls of Western Ukraine are said to have more of a conservative mindset when compared to their counterparts in Kiev and the East.

Read on to find out more, and what we recommend for your trip to Lviv.



The Masculine Traveler Rating Guide

Attractiveness of local Ukrainian girls: 4 / 5
Receptiveness to Daygame approach: 3 / 5
Receptiveness to Nightgame approach: 3 / 5
Logistics: 5 / 5
Cost: 4.5 / 5
English Levels: 2 / 5


Sightseeing & Attractions

Lviv is very compact and you’ll see mostly all of the highlights in a day or less. It’s better to slow travel and have a leisurely walk to see the cities sights by discovering it by foot.

Below are some recommended spots to check out:

Lviv’s Old Town & Main Square – Plenty of cafes, restaurants and life spread throughout the cities main square. This is a nice area to spend some time, and to also run some daygame.

Vysoky Zamok – The highest point of Lviv, which provides an excellent panoramic view of the city and a good walking date.

Virmenska Street & the surrounding area


In Lviv, you’ll find a ton of themed restaurants that are very reasonably priced and have decent cuisine. I’d recommend the following as trialed and tested places to have a meal:

The First Lviv Grill Restaurant of Meat and Justice – Lots of meat dishes, you won’t leave hungry. Weird stuff going on inside – performances of putting people in cages, executions, etc. Funny, roll playing place that always has a line.

Lvivski pljacky – More of a dessert place, but worth a look if you’re into it.

Kryivka – Say “Slava Ukraina” at the door to get in, and then feat on traditional Ukrainian food downstairs.

The Most Expensive Galcian Restaurant – Name speaks for itself, another themed restaurant.

Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture – Solid selection of specialty coffees, and breakfast options as well with a nice outdoor patio.


Transportation & Logistics

Most people will be arriving to Lviv from one of the below three options. For each one, I’ll give a breakdown of the best way to get to/from Lviv.

1. Poland (Krakow) to Lviv

Getting into Ukraine from Poland can be done by the following ground transporation methods:

a. Bus – PolskiBus now operates together with a Ukrainian company to provide bus journeys to Lviv. The cost is normally around 120 PLN one-way, and will get you to Lviv’s central station. From there, take the tram or grab a taxi which should cost around 100 UAH from the station into the center. Additionally, you’ll also find tickets sold on Tickets UA. Bus time normally lasts around 9-10 hours, but depends really on the border and how long things take on both the Polish and Ukrainian side. Normally, things get held up when returning from Ukraine back into Poland.

b. Car Sharing – BlaBlaCar is an option for car sharing between Poland or other Ukrainian cities and Lviv. Sign-up, contact a driver and settle on a price beforehand. Make sure it’s clearly agreed the final price, all stops on the way, and in what currency you will pay. This is the least recommended method, and it’s a mixed bag with what type of driver you’ll get and the overall experience.

c. Train – Supposedly there’s now a train connection using Poland’s railway system website PKP to buy a ticket where the journey lasts roughly 9 hours between Krakow and Lviv. Also available from other cities in Eastern Poland as well. This is the most expensive method from the above mentioned.

2. Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport

Arriving to the airport, your best bet is taking a taxi by using the Yandex or Yuklon Taxi applications. There will also be taxis waiting outside of the airport, and some will most likely try to scam you. Don’t pay more than 300 UAH to get to Lviv city center.

Additionally, you can take Bus #48 to get into Lviv’s center for the cost of a few cents.

3. Kyiv to Lviv

This can be done by bus or train, and takes normally 8.5-10 hours for the bus and 10+ hours on the train.

The best logistics in Lviv itself are simple – stay as close as possible to the main square. Apartments on AirBnB go for around 30 USD+ a night with a view out your window of the direct city center. A street or two back work as well, but this is the main area in Lviv.



Costs in Lviv are extremely low, even lower than what you will find in the capital of Ukraine.

Apartments in the direct center, located with a window’s view of Lviv’s main square will run you as low as 30-40 USD a night. Prices can be found even cheaper if you wish to stay further from the center.

Even the tightest of budgets will have no problem surviving in Lviv. 1000 USD a month will go a far way, allowing for a solid apartment rental, money for dining and going out.

Wine and beer can be had at nice spots for $1-2 USD a drink, and dinner runs around $10 a plate.

Ukraine Dating: The Guide to Meeting Women in Lviv



As you will find in KievEnglish levels are low but many of the college-aged women will be able to hold a conversation with you in English. Girls are shy about speaking in English, especially with a foreigner, so it’s always good to compliment them on their English and they will become more confident and less shy during the interaction.

In comparison with Eastern Ukraine, Russian skills will not go as far in Western Ukraine and Lviv. There is a strong sense of patriotism in Lviv, and most locals use the Ukrainian language on a day-to-day basis.

Russian can still be used as an option if English isn’t going anywhere and as always the Pimsleur Learning Program for learning Russian (or Ukrainian if you want to go for the rarity factor).

Learning a few words of Ukrainian at the minimum will go a long way, even if it’s just the basics.



This one is no secret – Ukrainian girls are top-quality and very feminine and attractive. Ukraine dating  is more on the conservative side when compared to Kiev or Eastern Ukraine. You’ll even notice a difference in the overall quality and the way women are dressing when you compare the two cities – bottom line, the top talent flocks to Kiev.

That doesn’t mean there’s not enough to go around in Lviv, and there’s still some solid, young talent to be had. Girls in Lviv tend to be on the more shy side and will take a bit of time to open up. As with all of Ukraine, you will often times feel as if you’re dominating the conversation — this is often times just how it is. Keep pushing through, and slow play it. 3 dates and sometimes more are what it will usually take to seal the deal. Keep the dates short, and aim for a walking/pre-screen date on your first go around, followed by a coffee/tea date for the second. Third, solid logistics and you know what to do.

Flaking is a common issue, and you should be double or triple-booking dates as you see fit.

Ukraine Dating: The Guide to Meeting Women in Lviv


Online Game

There are many opportunities for online dating in Kiev. Tinder is low cost and low investment for your time. You should be able to have solid prospects from Tinder. Be wary of pros, but they will normally bring this up sooner rather than later in your interaction.

Ukraine Date is a better option to use and also to pipeline with and generally heeds solid results.

Ukraine Dating: The Guide to Meeting Women in Lviv

For more info on UkraineDate, check out my guide to dating Ukranian girls with UkraineDate.

A word to the wise – be prepared for questions from girls as to your intentions and why you are visiting a war-torn country. Make sure you have a solid back-story and are prepared to handle their cross-examinations.



Daygame is an option in Lviv, but you will have to plow through working with low-English levels. High-quality Ukrainian girls normally won’t speak much English, so be prepared to switch to Russian or bust out your Google Translation.

The main square offers plenty of targets, and is normally quite a happening place where you’ll see some talent floating around.

Additionally, check out Forum Lviv for a mall spot with tons of Ukrainian girls ready to be daygamed.

You’ll find Ivan Franko National University of Lviv roughly 10 minutes West of Lviv’s city center, which will certainly be worth a look during the university months.

Remember — Ukrainian girls can be shy, and will be worried about their ability to communicate in English. Compliment their English level, and move the conversation forward, even if you think it might not be going anywhere off the bat.

Want to know more about dating Ukrainian girls? Check out this guide.

Ukraine Dating: The Guide to Meeting Women in Lviv



Not as many options as in Kiev, but also somewhat disappointing nightlife as we also observed in Kiev. Many girls don’t have the income to go out in the town during the weekend nights to the main clubs and venues. Not only that, you’ll find girls getting face controlled also at the venues mentioned below.

Below are the two main venues in Lviv with the highest quality talent that you’ll want to check out:

Rafinad People Club – Quality talent with strong face control, especially on the Ukrainian girls. Similar to what you will find in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities, attractive women will be getting rejected at the door.

Fashion Club – An Upscale venue with probably the most solid talent Lviv has to offer. This would be my go-to choice for nightlife in Lviv. Less than a 5-minute walk from Fashion club mentioned below, so easy to bounce between the two and no taxi needed. Dress sharp, you’ll easily stand out here.

You’ll have no troubles getting in, and being a foreigner will be an added bonus and they’ll expect you’ll spend it up inside. Prices are quite reasonable, with a minor entry fee at the door for both.

Additionally, there’s plenty of small bars with wine and beer worth having a look at for a quieter night and to look for a few sets hanging out by themselves. Stroll around the Main Square area and you’ll be sure to run into them.



Lviv is certainly worth a look, especially if you’re spending some time in Ukraine and traveling around the country. Ukrainian girls as we know are some of the best on the planet, and Lviv certainly gets lets foreign visitors than does Kiev. Expect the girls to be a bit more conservative in Lviv, and English levels are also still a bit low.

Lviv now is probably how Krakow was 10-15 years ago, although that is slowly changing as it becomes more and more known.

Best case scenario, come and spend at least 1 week, but a 1 month+ stay is going to be the most fruitful as with most places. You’re going to need time to work, and that’s simply par for the course in Ukraine.

Ready to start meeting Ukrainian girls now?



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