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Ukrainian Girls in Kiev: The Player’s Guide [May 2020]

by The Masculine Traveler
ukrainian girls kiev city guide

Ukrainian girls in Kiev are one of the main reasons to visit the capital of Ukraine, a city with a population of roughly 3 million people. It is Ukraine’s center for politics, business, science and art.

Kiev has a long and interesting history, dating back to the 9th century. Kiev has been a popular destination for enjoying the sights of the women of Ukraine for many years, and this is likely to change anytime in the near future. There’s no doubt why most guys want to check out Kiev, or Ukraine in general – and that’s for the Ukrainian girls. They’re feminine, they’re attractive, and they’re everywhere.

Whether it’s your first time on the ground in Kiev, or you’re a veteran of Ukraine, this guide will help you to make your way around once on the ground in Ukraine.



The Masculine Traveler’s Rating Guide to Kiev, Ukraine

Attractiveness of local Ukrainian women: 5 / 5
Receptiveness to Daygame approach: 3 / 5
Receptiveness to Nightgame approach: 3 / 5
Logistics: 4 / 5
Cost: 4 / 5
English Levels: 3 / 5




Typical Eastern European climate with cold winters and warm summers. You will need an apartment with an air conditioner in the summer and warm clothing and a working heater in the winter.

If you’re coming in the winter, be sure to pack appropriately as temperatures can drop below zero.


Tourist Attractions

Being the capital of Ukraine, Kiev has arguably the most attractions out of all other Ukrainian cities. Although this may be the case, many locals argue that Odessa still remains more charming with even more beautiful architecture.

The verdict is still out, but the below are some of KIev’s most popular sights worth checking out:


Independence Square – Located directly off of Kreschatyk Street, both a historical and popular meeting place. 
Khreschatyk Street – The most popular daygame street of Kiev that is lined with cafes, restaurants, and shopping.
The Museum Of The History of Ukraine in World War II – A lot of military equipment, including a smaller museum and also great views from The Motherland Monument.
Hydropark – Great location for the spring and summer once the weather turns around.
St. Andrew’s Church – Set in a peaceful area, close to the Ukrainian parliament building.
Victory Park – Great spot with some tanks and other war memorabilia that’s worth a visit during the warmer months.
Chernobyl & Pripyat – Possible day-trip as many tours are operated leaving from Kiev.
Mezhyhirya Residence – A bit outside of the city center, this is an excellent day trip, especially to bring along a date.


ukrainian girls kiev city guide



Logistics of Kiev

You will most likely arrive in Boryspil Airport, about 20 miles outside the city. Taxis will run about 500 UAH (roughly 15 USD/EUR) to the center of the city if you pick one up upon arrival.

Regardless of whether you arrive at Boryspil or Zhuliany, a cheaper option to get into the city would be to pick-up a SIM card upon arriving at the airport and then jump on Uber. You’ll find prices to be much lower than what you will be quoted at the airport. Use Uber as your way to get around the city, versus hailing cabs off the street. Prices are already low, but this will avoid you paying outrageous prices that are quoted by the drivers to foreigners.

Kiev ranks very high on our logistics scale. The center is walkable and lined with shops, cafes, and bars. I suggest staying close to three main landmarks: Independence Square, Arena City, or Stockman mall. These areas are dead center of the city and perfect for setting up dates, daygame and a starting point for nightlife.

Most local women will live further outside of the cities direct center,

The Metro is solid with the traditional former Soviet Union deep tunnels which are incredible engineering achievements. The price of a one-way fare is only around 40 cents. Taxis are decently priced, but English levels of the drivers are low.

For finding an apartment, check prices on AirBnB. It’s generally possible to negotiate to find apartments for rent and negotiate on the price once on the ground, but this will most likely require some knowledge of Russian or Ukrainian. Prices on AirBnB shoot out of the rough during the spring and summer months, so keep this in mind. They’re still quite manageable for Western salaries but are extremely inflated when compared to local prices.

If you want the cheapest price possible, it’s best to show up in person and to shop around for those looking to rent with posters and y word of mouth. Again, ability in Russian and Ukrainian will be a must but you will be able to secure good quality, mid-sized apartments at mid to long-term rates of 400-500 USD per month.

As of 2018, prices have somewhat re-bounded overall, including rental prices. Not only have these prices rebounded, but they have in some cases doubled compared to a half-decade ago. It’s crucial to negotiate as much as possible, as locals will try and charge foreigners more money since they know Kiev has become quite the popular destination.


ukrainian girls kiev city guide


The Costs on The Ground

Due to the economic crisis and political unrest that has occurred in the country over the past years, Ukraine’s currency took a nosedive within the past few years. My previous trip in the summer of 2013, I was paying around 80 USD per night for a central apartment. During my most recent trip, I paid around the 30 USD per night for an equivalent pad in 2016.

At the same time, food and drinks remain quite cheap, and very affordable by Western standards.

It’s possible to eat dinner in local Ukrainian restaurants for as low as 2-3 USD, if you’re careful with your choices.

With a few hundred USD per month, it’s possible to live comfortable with buying groceries and also eating out multiple times per week.

Nightlife covers at some of the top clubs, plus drinks can add up quickly — but as will later be discussed, most of these venues don’t offer much in terms of value for your time and money.

Salaries in Ukraine continue to remain extremely low in 2018, and even simply unlivable for many professions. Many Ukrainians have flocked to neighboring  Poland, including cities like Krakow, Poznan and Wroclaw.


Language in Kiev – Russian or Ukrainian?

English is not widely spoken, but most of the college-age girls will have conversational English. Although levels are lower than in other countries, Kiev presents English levels that are much more manageable when compared to other parts of Ukraine such as Dnipro, Kharkiv, and other parts of Southern and Eastern Ukraine.

In terms of English ability, Lviv might be the second best city in Ukraine for finding English speaking Ukrainian women (albeit, still quite low levels overall)

Many Ukrainian girls in Kiev are shy about speaking with a foreigner in English at first. It is best to compliment them on their English skills and reassure them that you understand them. This will help to keep the conversation going and diminish their fear of speaking and making mistakes.

Russian skills are a big plus in Kiev.

Pimsleur Learning Program has been an excellent tool for learning Russian, with huge improvements seen in just 6 months by simply listening to a lesson per day. That’s 30 minutes of your day, dedicated to helping you get results while on the ground in Ukraine.

Additionally, if you want to take a more hands-on approach, italki is a great resource to have lessons over Skype with a certified language teacher.

Learn Russian from a beautiful native Russian speaking woman — what could be better than that?

ukrainian girls kiev city guide


Ukrainian Girls in Kiev – What you’ve been waiting for


You may have heard that Ukrainian girls are hot. You certainly heard correct in that case.

The women from Kiev score a perfect 5/5 in looks on the Masculine Traveler Rating Guide.

Walking around Khreschatyk Street, you will be blown away by their beauty and femininity.

Kiev holds some of the most beautiful women in the world, and even in Eastern Europe itself. With their model-type bodies and traditional Slavic faces, it is difficult to not get overwhelmed by their beauty. I would rate the average girl as a 7.

The upper tier is unrivaled.

Everything comes with its territory, and there’s a lot to keep in mind in regards to Ukrainian girls when compared with others in the region.

We’ve put together a Top 5 Dating Tips for Ukrainian Women here. If you’re heading to Kiev, we’d highly recommend the read.

ukrainian girls kiev city guide


Online Game

There are many opportunities for Online dating in Kiev. Tinder is low cost and low investment for your time. You should be able to have solid prospects from Tinder. I had a nice mini-relationship during my most recent trip with a cute college girl from Kiev.

As time goes on, there’s been an overall decline in online quality, as we also see that in 2018. Tinder is still worth a look, but it certainly isn’t what it used to be 5 years ago. Nonetheless, daygame remains king for meeting local Ukrainian girls, although a few swipes on Tinder here and there won’t hurt.

In the past, I have also used Ukraine Date to pipeline.

There are other options out there, and a lot of smaller sites and sites “from the past” such as Mamba, but Ukraine Date all around is one of the best options for meeting normal Ukrainian girls who just want to have fun. One of the great things about UkraineDate and other products by CupidMedia is that they often cost a few bucks to use, and this actually keeps out a lot of the not-serious guys, meaning less competition for the rest off us.

So if you’re serious and want to meet some Ukrainian girls during your visit to Kiev, or Ukraine in general, it’s highly recommended to give it a try.

For more info on UkraineDate, check out my guide to dating Ukranian girls with UkraineDate.


One thing to keep in mind

A word to the wise – be prepared for questions from girls as to your intentions and why you are visiting a war-torn country. Make sure you have a solid back-story and are prepared to handle their cross-examinations.

I was able to meet girls from Ukraine Date in the 7-8 range. However, be wary of gold diggers. Some girls use this site to drain foreigners’ wallets. Screen hard for this and don’t be afraid to walk away. There are plenty of beautiful Ukrainian girls.

Be cautious of scams. If something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t.


Daygame in Ukraine’s Capital

Daygame in Kiev is a complex subject. On one hand, you have the most beautiful women in the world galloping through the streets displaying their physical gifts, while enticing your carnal desires.

Sounds great, right? Well, it is. However, these girls get approached like no others that I have ever seen. By locals, Turks, Europeans, Americans, men are day approaching like wild animals on Khreschatyk Street.

Any kind of foreign novelty has worn off years ago.

You need to bring your “A” game and compliment it with style, intelligence, and humor.

You will be tempted to focus your daygame activities on Khreschatyk Street due to the volume and high quality, but I encourage you to venture into other areas like Podol and Ocean Plaza.

The Metro is also in play.

I also suggest hitting the parks in the center which make solid approach sports and good date locations.

Protip: For the most adventurous daygamers, take the metro and ride 9-10 stops out. Here you’ll find a plethora of women who can be opened, and you’ll get away from all of the rucus normally found on Khreschatyk, especially during the warmer months.

ukrainian girls kiev city guide


Nightlife in Kiev

As described in one word – disappointing.

It was much better in 2013. The venues were better and there were more options. Vodka Bar, now closed was a viable venue 7 days a week. As of 2018, it appears not much has really changed in terms of Kiev nightlife.

Everything in Kiev is a bit difficult to understand at first. Nightlife will take some time to determine the best venues and if they are worth your time. Daygame and Online day should be your most viable options, but you should give Nightgame a crack. So here are a few nightspots that I recommend.

There are a bunch of bars in Arena City.

In terms of the other top clubs and bars known within Kiev:

Chi – The current place to go for all of the stunners and top talent — walkable from Maidan, but easily reached by taxi. If you’re going out in Kiev, this is the place to check-out as of now.

The Bar is a good place to start the evening with a drink.

Skybar is to be avoided at all costs. It is filled with prostitutes and Turkish mongers. You’ll also find a heavy table and bottle service area in this club, which doesn’t really help the cause.

Shooters has 3 floors: a disco, restaurant, and lounge downstairs with couches. You can smoke in the lounge and disco. It is open 24 hours, apparently. You need to go on Wednesday night for ladies’ night. Door for the discos opens at 12 p.m. for guys. Girls drink free on until 12 pm and get smashed. Aggressive, caveman game can work here.

Caribbean Club also has ladies’ night and a salsa night. One night stands do happen here.

Buddha Bar is an upscale restaurant. After dinner hours, it turns into a lounge/bar. Lots of pros. Avoid!

Delux, a big club, popular on the weekends that you will need a taxi to get to, but it does have some top-notch talent. There is an admission fee. This is a place if you want to test your Nightgame skills with the top level talent that Kiev has to offer.


Overall, daygame is going to pay you much higher dividends and is a better use of your time.


ukrainian girls kiev city guide


Closing thoughts on Ukrainian girls in Kiev

Top level talent is difficult to crack into on a short stay. I have been to Kiev 3x and yet to stay over a 2 week duration.

Kiev veterans advise that you won’t reach your full potential with girls unless you stay at least one month.

The best girls in this city are to be found through social circles, which for most of us is not realistic unless you invest more time. Day game will provide the best opportunity to meet “normal” beautiful women.

Online dating is a great way to get things going upon your arrival. It is possible to meet pretty, sweet and intelligent Ukrainian girls in Kiev, but be wary of gold-diggers.

Most of you will focus on nightgame, although if you have a few weeks or more, I would advise day game on the streets, metro, parks and coffee shops.

Nightgame is tough to crack. Clubs have hard-core pros, semi-pros, and good old fashion gold-diggers. I met the biggest gold digger of my life in Kiev. In fact, it is comical. I will share the story another time.


ukrainian girls kiev city guide


There are, however, sweet normal girls who frequent clubs, but they usually only go 1x a month, if that. If a girl goes to one of these places more than 2x per month, be suspicious. For most normal girls, it is a big night out for a nightclub. Most of the cool normal girls I met love Karaoke bars. I went to one with a girl I met online.

Overall, the girls are beautiful, sexy and feminine. I found them to be intelligent, cultured and wordily. Establishing a mental connection with them is important. I don’t see them as being swayed by emotions and by in the moment lust as their Latina counterparts.

A Ukrainian female friend explained that Ukrainian girls are either looking for one of two things:

1. Money
2. A long-term relationship

I wouldn’t expect to clean up for one-nighters here. Instead, if you want to meet a beautiful, cultured, and intelligent girl for a relationship, it is a good place to set up shop. One night stands are possible with normal girls but not the norm. The girls want to see dividends for their investment in time.

There are many places to meet Ukrainian girls, but Kiev ranks high-up on the list.

Between the first visit years ago, and now in 2018, there’s one thing that holds true – daygame is the best bet for landing a top-notch Ukrainian girl during your visit.

Online game is your next best option, and nightgame simply leaves a lot to be desired.

Let us know what you think about Ukrainian girls in the comment section below.

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We don’t see it that way. We outlined the pros and cons of dating in Kiev. In fact, we advise that the women are much more complex than mere objects, as illustrated by this quote from the article, “I found them to be intelligent, cultured and wordily. Establishing a mental connection with them is important.”

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Thanks for your comment, Olena.

Kiev is a beautiful city with a complex dating scene. We tried to report accurately what dating is like for foreigners in Kiev.


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Hi, I was in Kiev recently and I must say that most of the ladies I met was average in terms of looks,,
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