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Ukrainian Ladies & 7 Best Places to Meet Them

by Dantes
Ukrainian ladies

Ukrainian ladies are without a doubt some of the finest in the world,  and it’s no wonder they are so highly sought after by Western men who are taken by their beauty and femininity.

With a population of over 40 million, Ukraine boasts millions of top-class ladies who are looking for both a good time with a masculine man that can lead them while taking care of them at the same time.

The question often gets asked – where are the best places to meet these women based on your own personal experience? Certainly, with such a large country, there’s a lot of options, and we’re here to help cut back on the work for our readers on finding the best places to get started.

One thing to always keep in mind if you’re coming for a short or even mid-term visit to the Ukraine:

The best way to have good results in Ukraine is to meet Ukranian ladies prior to your trip.

You’ll want to have women lined up in each city, and you need to do it right.

So where’s the best places to meet them one might ask?

Here are the top 7 places to meet Ukrainian ladies:


1. Kiev – The Capital of Ukrainian Ladies

Kiev has the largest population of any city in Ukraine weighing in at over 2.5 million residents, and the highest salaries on average on the entire country. It’s also home to the countries most renowned universities, so it’s no secret that Ukranian ladies are flocking here to get their education and then to enter the workforce.

The sheer quantity of women walking around on the streets of Kiev can be jaw-dropping for first-time visitors who are not used to seeing such beauty in large quantities.

Along with the number of women comes a large amount of foreigners who have found out about the existence of Kiev and its ladies from the internet. Luckily, over 95% of them are going to be no competition to your average player who has his shit together.

If nightlife is your thing, Kiev offers some of the best in Ukraine, but as we’ve commented before – Ukraine is simply not a great place for nightlife in general. Day game is king, and if you want to succeed here in Kiev, all you’ve got to do is think a bit outside of the box.

Where do the local Ukrainian ladies hang out, where can they be found in Kiev?

Jump on the metro, ride a bit outside the city where most others are not going, and here you’ll find your daygame paradise with plenty of stunners not getting spammed by the bootcamp guys on Khreschatyk.

Want the best nightlife experience you can have in Kiev?

Again, dive a bit in and go outside the city – find those hole in the wall student bars and hangouts.

Want P4P? Well, then head on over to Sky Bar or Buddha Bar.

Bar to none, Kiev has the best selection of women in all of Ukraine – you just need to get outside of the main area and direct center and think a bit outside of the box and you’ll have access to the best quality as with anywhere else on the planet.

Ukrainian ladies


2. Lviv

If you’re looking for that small-town feel with lots of pretty girls, Lviv is a solid choice for a place to visit in Ukraine. Women in Western Ukraine are considered even slightly more reserved than their counterparts in the west, but nonetheless, you’re still going to find plenty of long-legged beauties strutting through Staryi Rynok whether it being during the winter or summer months.

The Ukrainian ladies of Lviv are certainly patriots of their country, and here you will find that Ukrainian is spoken by the vast majority of the population. If you decided to pick-up some Ukrainian, here’s your chance to use it on the ladies you’ll come in contact with.

The great thing about Lviv is that it has a completely different feel to that then of Kiev. The women seem more laid-back, and in some cases even less snarky. Nonetheless, the women of Lviv are overall as mentioned a bit more reserved so you’re going to want to plan a longer-term visit here to be able to properly operate.

You won’t find as much of a mix of girls from different regions in Lviv as you would in Kiev, rather you’ll notice that many girls are originally from Lviv or other smaller cities within the near vicinity.

Lviv is a great place to settle down in Western Ukraine, due to it’s somewhat close proximity to other cities you can branch off to for weekend trips. If you do come and settle down longer-term, you’ve got the chance to visit Bukovel, a charming mountain-town situated within the Carpathian Mountain range.



3. Ivano-Frakivsk

This one is a bit more off the map for many but is one of the most solid locations in Ukraine in terms of women.

Another city which is historically part of Poland, Ivano-Frakivsk boasts some of the finest women in the country. For being such a small city (roughly 235,000 inhabitants) there are a TON of young Ukranian ladies around, mostly students

Studying at one of the main universities. The great thing about this place?

  1. The universities are within an extremely close proximity to the direct center, meaning girls are constantly around.
  2. Prices are dirt cheap here, compared to what’s been going on with Kiev becoming so popular in the past years and  prices taking a hike on AirBnB
  3. The women from Ivano-Frakisvk are arguably some of the hottest in Ukraine – just pop the location tag into Instagram and you’ll see what we mean

The city center itself is quite compact, and you can easily make your way around the city by foot without really having much reason to venture to far from your central apartment to find a large amount of talent within reach.

Again, not a city with booming nightlife, rather a perfect spot to spend some time while filling up your day game funnel during the process.

Noticeably, there’s a ton of chicks on Ukraine Date from Ivano-Frakivsk looking for a good time.

This place doesn’t get much love on the internet but is a perfect lesser known spot where a player can enjoy the benefits of quality Ukrainian ladies day after day.


4. Poland – The “New” Ukraine

Yes, you read that correctly – Poland.

Since 2015, Poland has received a huge influx of Ukrainians coming from all parts of the country, fleeing the failing Ukrainian economy. Poland has presented stability, along with working opportunities that Ukrainian ladies have come to seize in order to make a living.

Due to the similarity of the two languages, many Ukrainian women have quickly been able to enter Poland and could adapt to learning Polish at a rapid pace. Albeit with an accent, Ukrainian women in Poland generally have a very good command of both Polish and English – and of course Ukranian and Russian as well.

A prime example of why Poland is such a great location for finding Ukranian ladies:

The city of Wroclaw officially has over 1 in 7 residents registered as being Ukrainian.

Go to the mall, bus station, or even some restaurants and you’ll find signs written in both Russian and Ukranian. There are even Ukrainian/Russian-style karaoke joints that have popped up around the city.

The best part of this? Local polish girls have picked up on this, and have even upped their standards in terms of appearance and style to compete with their Ukrainian counterparts.

Not only is Wroclaw a great option, but almost all Polish cities whether big or small have now a host of Ukranian ladies.

The great thing about the ones living in Poland?

  1. They’re living without their friends and family, meaning almost all of them are bored and looking for entertainment.
  2. They have higher English levels on average, compared to girls living in Ukraine – they come to study in Poland, therefore can speak normally Polish and English somewhat. (This can, of course, be seen as a pro or con but is great for those without Russian or Ukrainian ability.)

Arguably in 2018, Poland is one of the greatest “hybrid” locations for women, with a solid selection of both Ukranian and Also Belarusian women entering for work and a better life.

At the same time, you can sample the local fare, assuming you still fall within the right age range.


5. Kharkov

Known for being an industrial city with great IT resources, Kharkov is a city situated deep within Eastern Ukraine sitting not very far from the Russian border.

With recent conflict, many have strayed away from Eastern Ukraine as a place to visit. Nonetheless, this part of the country has some of the sexiest Ukrainian ladies, many with deep black hair and light-blue eyes.

Kharkov is a great city due to its sheer size, and not being on most people’s radars as a place to visit. If you’re taking our previous suggestion as a starting point, you can then easily catch a cheap direct flight on WizzAir from many Polish cities and head right on over to Kharkov for one-way flights as cheap as $10 and under.

You’ll notice a difference in attitude and appearance with girls from Eastern vs. Western Ukraine, not to mention differences in language and even mentality. Russia has had a large influence on those living in this region, and that’s clear once you set foot down in Kharkov.

The city itself is crawling with women, both working in the IT sector (a lot of outsourcing companies set up here providing help to Western countries) or many who are studying at then planning to head to Russia or West-wards once completing studies.

The nightlife is surprisingly decent in Kharkov, and arguably better than even what you’ll find in Kiev if you look hard enough.

One thing to remember when visiting Kharkov and Ukraine in general – almost all girls are going to press you on what you’re doing in Kharkov. Have a good backstory ready, and be prepared to maneuver around such questions with agility.

ukrainian ladies


6. Smaller 2nd & 3rd Tier Cities

The thing most guys end up doing is simply traveling to Kiev and forgetting about the rest of Ukraine.

Sure, Kiev is the capital where many Ukrainian ladies flocks for a better life, but it’s not the only place in a country that’s roughly the same size as Texas.

Get on the ground in Ukraine, and expand your horizons to go where many others are afraid or too lazy to venture. Once you visit those spots, get outside of your comfort zone and start looking in places others won’t go, that’s when you’re going to start seeing results.

Kryvyi Rih, Mykolaiv, Poltava, Kherson, Zhytomyr, Chernivtsi – These are all cities with a population of a few thousand, meaning thousands of beauties ready for the taking.

Sure, you’re not going to fair so well in these places without solid game and a good command of Russian (or Ukrainian in the case of Western located cities). But nothing easy is great. Here’s where some of the true gems lie, and by making your way out there and searching through the rough, this is when you’ll start to truly enjoy your Ukrainian experience.


7. Online as a Platform for Meeting Ukrainian Ladies

Going to Ukraine with setting up an online dating profile is like trying to start the car without putting any gas in the rank.

Let’s put it this way – would you rather:

A. Show up in Ukraine with 5 solid leads you’ve been chatting with, exchanges photos and stories, who are ready to meet and learn more about you.

B. Turn up in Ukraine without previously have met any Ukrainian ladies, and start from scratch during your 1-month visit to Kiev.

Yeah, you get the point, right?

Ukrainian ladies know the score, and that’s why there are a ton of them on popular dating platforms ready to chat and meet foreign men who will be visiting Ukraine.

Online is the easiest way to start building your contact list full of women who will be ready to meet when you hit the ground.

Sure – there’s going to be flakes, and also it’s going to be difficult to line-up the best talent through online. But, online has a plethora of attractive, young Ukrainian ladies that are 10x better in the looks department than you’ll most likely be used to.

Getting on Ukraine Date prior to your trip is going to help you to have a more fruitful experience, and is the best thing you can do in preparation for your trip.

ukrainian ladies


The Conclusion on Ukrainian Ladies and Ukraine

There’s a ton of great options out there for visitors to Ukraine. First-time visitors can get their feet wet in larger cities like Kiev, Lviv and Kharkov, but there’s so much more to explore once you’ve got a bit of experience and know how it all works.

Ukraine has a ton of great looking women, and if you’re not there on the ground meeting them, you’re simply missing out.

Remember, get online and start collecting leads prior to your trip, and this will jump-start your success during time spent in Ukraine.

Whatever you do, just get out there on the ground in Ukraine, start getting on dates and enjoying what all adventure the country has to offer.


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