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Ukrainian Women: Dating Tips & Unique Insights

by The Masculine Traveler

Ukrainian women have world-renowned beauty. Their angelic facial features, complemented by tall, slender bodies are the desire of men around the world. Upon my first trip to Ukraine, I had high expectations for the beauty of the women. However, nothing could prepare me for the volume of beautiful Ukrainian women walking around The physical attractiveness of Ukrainian girls is undisputed.

However, do their personalities match up with their genetic beauty?

In this article, readers will be guided through the most comprehensive information on Ukrainian women on the internet. This writer has visited and lived in Ukraine. This unique perspective provides foreigner men with the blueprint for success with dating Ukrainian girls. Seducing in Ukraine successfully is a complex endeavor which starts with mental preparation and deep understanding of the unique cultural forces at play.

First, a bit about my journey and how I came to this misunderstood land, Ukraine.

Prior to Ukraine, most of my international dating experience was in Latin America. Latin women, to this day hold a special place in my heart. During my many stints in countries such as Brazil and Colombia, I came in contact with many men who sung the praises of Eastern European women, especially Ukraine.

I decided to leave my comfortable surroundings in Latin America in search of new adventures in Ukraine. Some of my friends and family expressed concerns regarding Ukraine. Their voices echoed out-of-date propaganda about a lack of access to cash machines, quality food and comfortable accommodations. Of course, safety was a major area of concern.

Nevertheless, I embarked on one of the most exciting journeys of my life; moving forward with an open mind in 2013. I never thought that this first journey would lead to me spending significant amounts of time immersing myself in Ukrainian culture. Despite the concerns, I had a strong desire to test my limits in dating the most beautiful women in the world. Let’s move along in our discussion of the beauty of Ukrainian women.


The beauty of Ukrainian girls

The beauty of women from Ukraine is well documented. Once I arrived in Kiev, I was quickly able to confirm the widespread tales from travelers about their exotic, mystifying looks. Genetically, Ukrainian women have unique facial structures that set them apart from other European women. Their unique gene pool contributes to set them apart from their European counterparts. Their ancestors hailed from parts of Russia, the Balkans, Poland, and Tatar. The blend of these genetic traits has created beautiful modern women.

We all understand what a Colombian woman or an Italian girl looks like. Their respective populations tend to have a homogenous look. Ukrainian women actually have a diverse spectrum of looks. Hair color range from dark black, to light blonde, and even redheads are represented. Eye color also runs the gamut, from brown, grey, green and blue eyes. While their facial features are varied, their bodies types are usually slender. Ukrainian girls have the typical model-like body shape. Men who fancy curvy, voluptuous bodies like Dominican women probably won’t find their ideal preference in Ukraine. In my experience, Russian and Romanian women are curvier Slavic women.

Ukrainian women are the most adept at complimenting their beauty through fashion and make-up. They are supreme masters at accentuating their best features and minimizing their flaws. Women in Ukraine always dress like they are attending a fashion week event, even when running mundane errands such as,  grocery shopping. Ukrainian women always dress to impress and never appear sloppy or unkempt. In addition to a keen fashion sense, Ukrainian women spend large amounts of time perfecting their appearance through make-up. It is very uncommon for a Ukrainian girl to be seen in public without her make-up perfectly applied. Fake eye lashes, eye liner, and lipstick are always perfectly applied. Some men argue that they are not naturally beautiful like Latinas. If you like a “girly-girl” who spends most of her resources looking her best, Ukraine is the perfect place for you.

I recognize that I have painted an idealized account of their beauty. In reality, not everyone is the the embodiment of natural beauty. Due to a difficult life in Ukraine, some women have acne, scars and bad teeth. However, respect for these women, as they usually make every attempt to rectify any relish or imperfection. To further illustrate that they are not all perfect, there is a growing hipster movement in Ukraine. In the past few years, more and more girls are adopting a hipster style of dress. Tattoos, piercings, combat boots, and short-hair styles are gaining more popularity. Nevertheless, this trend is relegated to the minority of women. Most Ukrainian women are highly feminine in appearance.

My experience in Ukraine has solidified them as some of the most beautiful in the world. Beauty is important in selecting a mate, but so are her inner resources. Let’s move forward in discussing the internal qualities of Ukrainian women.

The inner qualities of Ukrainian women

Femininity is a cornerstone to the personality construct of a Ukrainian woman. She relishes to assume a traditional gender role, of a responsible daughter, wife and mother. Ukrainian women fill these roles naturally and without resistance like their west counterparts. They do not subscribe to the notion that the modern woman should be the strong and independent type. Women in Ukraine are dependent on men, period. They expect men to make rational and logical decisions. While femininity is a natural disposition for her, it also serves as a functional skill. Men in Ukraine select women based on the following characteristics:

  1. Beauty
  2. Youth
  3. Femininity

Femininity is directly correlated with her sexual market value. With so many attractive women in Ukraine, competition  is fierce for securing a high value man. Ukrainian girls learn at an early age that their feminine expression is vital to be held in high regard by men.

Feminine women exude qualities such as kindness, affectionate, and tenderness in their relationships with men. One might assume that these kind of women are push-overs, simple in thought, and easily manipulated. Think again. Ukrainian women magically combine femininity with cunning skills.

Ukrainian women are highly intelligent, cunning, and know their valueMost men are out-maneuvered in the  chess match with Ukrainian women. Ukrainian women are astute and sophisticated. They are keenly aware of their physical endowments. Men have been traveling to Ukraine for decades now for the primary purpose of meeting women. The women of Ukraine are well aware to this phenomenon.

They have the self-awareness to know their value in the sexual marketplace. Gone are the days when men can simply attract Ukraine women with their passports. The bar has been raised. Men need to develop a clear plan for dating in Ukraine, like never before. Ukrainian women are more selective and they have options like never before.

There is an inevitable comparison between Ukrainian and Russian women. In terms of beauty, it is like “splitting hairs” on choosing a winner. Both countries boast the most feminine, beautiful, and elegant creatures on the planet. Ukraine and Russia share a similar culture. However, Ukrainian women tend to be more cerebral in their approach to finding a lover. They are less swayed by emotions and have a proclivity to make rational decisions with the ultimate goal of furthering their quality of life.

Ukraine is one of the most mysterious and confusing places in Europe to date women. There are several important factors that men need to understand for success with dating Ukrainian women. The following sections will provide a blueprint for cracking the code with the women of Ukraine.

Let’s advance our discussion by outlining the most important tips for dating Ukrainian women.

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Dating tips or Ukrainian women

1. Develop a solid backstory for Ukrainian women you’ll meet

Although the situation has improved, Ukraine is still technically a country at war. It has its own economic and financial issues. Soldiers are still engaged in combat. Women of Ukraine are very well versed in their country’s present geopolitical situation. They are cognizant that Ukraine is not a popular tourist destination for most travelers. Ukrainian women will directly question you on why you are visiting Ukraine. Expect this to be one of her first points of interest. You should also expect field several follow-up questions related to your intentions in Ukraine.

While annoying, one cannot judge Ukrainian women for their questions on the reason for your stay. Ukraine after all is is mired in conflict, corruption, and turmoil. Most Ukrainians wish to leave their homeland for greener pastures and a higher quality of life. Everyday life is hard in Ukraine. The strenuous life in Ukraine takes a toll on the minds and wellness of its women. Be prepared for direct questions pertaining to your visit.

In contrast to other women around the world, humor will not effectively deflect their interest in this subject. They will cross-examine you like a KGB official interrogating a spy. The most effective backstory will be a plausible reason, related to the real truth for being in Ukraine. Backstories that combine an element of clear purpose for being in Ukraine like work or a business opportunity are the most effective. The allusion that your stay might be long-term or reoccurring will go a long way in her eyes that you might be a viable dating option.

Simply stated, a solid backstory will help you defend against a barrage of tests that Ukraine women give. Ukrainian women will be suspicious of your travel to Ukraine. They make concerted efforts to determine your true intentions for visiting their homeland. As many men visit Ukraine for sex tourism, be prepared to defend allegations that you may have similar intentions. A solid backstory will help elucidate your intentions and legitimize your stay in Ukraine.

Once you legitimize your reason for being in Ukraine, you will be able to start establishing trust and rapport. Ukrainian women constantly test. One of the chief reasons they do this is to assess a man’s strength. The second is to ensure that men are telling them the truth. I have never met a group of women who were so preoccupied with being lied to by men.

Developing a realistic backstory requires thought and is the most salient preparation tool for your trip. The second is selecting the best dating app.

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2. Select the best dating website in Ukraine

Ukrainian women are bombarded by messages and promises from men around the world. They are accustomed to receiving messages from men who do not have imminent plans to be in Ukraine. For this reason, we recommend that you state your clear intention to visit Ukraine. This will convey that you are a serious man and have concrete plans to visit the country. Ukrainian women seek reliable and trustworthy men. They have seen countless, directionless men enter their homeland in pursuit of sex. It is advisable to present yourself as someone who has a sincere interest in meeting her and visiting her country.

The best dating site for meeting Ukraine women is Ukraine Date. There are countless women with registered profiles on Ukraine Date. Most of these women have registered for the clear reason of meeting a quality man from abroad. Ukraine Date is the clear winner for Ukrainian dating sites. The quality of the women matches the beauty that you will see walking around the streets of Kiev and in nightclubs. With some effort, it is fairly easy to set up a date with a cute Ukraine girl every day of the week. If your intentions are more long-term minded, there are voluminous women on Ukraine Date who seek marriage.

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Read our comprehensive Ukraine Date Review. In a nutshell, the reasons we like Ukraine Date are as follows:

  • The sign-up process is free. Men can browse thousands of Ukraine girls on the site without paying a dollar. Therefore, there is an opportunity to check out the talent before making a financial commitment.
  • The cost of full membership is nominal and a bargain. It will enable you to message unlimited women.
  • The women on Ukraine Date are more serious about meeting in person. Unlike Tinder, Ukraine Date is not linked with social media. Therefore, it weeds out women who are only looking to gain attention and expand their social media presence. Essentially, women are less likely to waste your time.


My experience with Ukraine Date

I first started using Ukraine Date back in 2012. My initial goal was to test the waters with Ukrainian women. There was and continues to be, a lot of bad press on Ukraine women. The internet is full stories of men who were scammed by women from the East. I was pleasantly surprised at how genuine the girls were online. While a small minority of women posted fake profiles and had ulterior motives, most of my interactions were with women who had genuine interests in meeting a long-term partner. I was taken back but how intelligent, hard-working and interesting the women were.

My first few trips to Ukraine were relatively brief in duration. Ukraine Date provided me with a tool to develop a rapport with women before I arrived. Setting up dates and furthering our connection was made much easier by this pipelining strategy. Meeting women while in Ukraine is very doable, but it takes time to cultivate relationships. Ukraine Date helped minimize the shortcomings of my brief stays in Ukraine. I was able to line up dates  almost every day of the week. To this day, I stay in touch with some of the women I met on Ukraine Date. I am a firm believer in leaving women better off than they were when you met them. I don’t believe in burning bridges or “getting over” on women. My experience has shown, that even mini-relationships are much more mutually gratifying then conquests.  Although the game has changed while living in Ukraine, I continue to use this dating site because there are so many beautiful women who have sincere desires to meet men from aboard.

3. Avoid dating scams

Since the 1990’s Ukrainian women along with Russian women have been marketed to foreign men. Many of these businesses made money of playing on the hopes and dreams of naive men. Some of these businesses persist and continue to prey on unsuspecting, desperate men. These fraudulent dating and marriage agencies often hire women to correspond with men through fake expressions of interest.

Many “Romance Tours” have lured men in with the offer of arranging “dates” with local women. Many of these women, again are paid for their attendance at these dating events. I advise men to only consider these types of tours if they have conducted a thorough examination of the company. Not all dating sites mislead men. For starters, I suggest reading this comprehensive guide to avoiding scams on international dating sites.

4. Display your intelligence

Ukrainian women value educated and worldly men. They simply contain a natural intellectual curiosity of the world. Usually, I do not recommend discussing politics, literature, and art with women, as it kills the romantic vibe. However, Ukrainian girls are one of the few cultures that your display of intelligence won’t necessary dull the mood. It will demonstrate high value.

As previously discussed, Ukrainian women are more rational and less emotionalConnecting with them on an intellectual level rather than an emotional level is more fruitful and will provide better results.

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5. Maintain your frame

Frame is essentially our masculine presence and strength. Ukrainian women like no others will “shit test” and directly assess your strength. Ukrainian women are from a culture where masculine strength is a pivotal survival trait in men. It is the most salient feature that women look for. Ukrainian women will subtly and directly test your Frame. Men need to display strength in response to their challenges. This is accomplished by keeping them in check and not giving in to their bad behavior and unreasonable requests.

Plenty of Beta men visit Ukraine and attempt to please the women by violating their own self-worth. Don’t fall into this trap and be swayed by their physical beauty. They will respect you in the long-run, even if they are disappointed in the short-term.

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6. Demonstrate leadership

As with Russian women, always lead the interaction. Men in Ukrainian culture are masculine and lead women. They make decisions. Ukrainian women will trust your masculine strength when you are in control and in the role of the decision maker. They are constantly assessing your strength as a man.

Leading and taking control are the most important ways in demonstrating strength and your value as a man.

Always be leading, know what’s next and ensure you’re paying during your dates. The line sweeten provider and lover is not easily delineated in Ukraine. Make sure a woman is committed to you before you assist with financial obligations.

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7. Learn about Ukrainian culture

Ukrainian women take strong pride in their country. Despite not living in a modern country, Ukrainian women have a strong connection with their homeland. In order to have a successful relationship with a Ukrainian woman, you need to be open to learning about her culture. It is also important to learn some words in Ukrainian and Russian. Watching Ukrainian TV is an excellent way to both learn the language and pick-up on cultural items while killing two birds with one stone.

Remember, if you’re learning the language prior to your trip and just starting out with the dating process – Western Ukraine speaks generally Ukrainian and Eastern Ukraine speaks Russian. Not many foreigners can speak Ukrainian, so if you’re able to conversate in this melodic language, that’s a huge plus. Mastering her language will open many doors.

One aspect of Ukrainian culture that foreigners are not prepared for is the level of ruthlessness. Ruthlessness is a survival technique in Ukraine. From the highest levels of government to the lowest levels of poverty, Ukrainians understand that life is hard. Ukrainians are cut-throat at the core and are always looking for strategic advantages. This is the reason that Ukrainian women prefer strong men. Men need to be mentally tough to master the economic situation in Ukraine and provide for his family. Women look at the toughness in evaluating a man’s worth. Displaying signs of weakness is a death sentence in the sexual marketplace in Ukraine. Nothing will cause a man to fall from grace in a woman’s eyes than showing weakness and failing to persevere.

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8. Be a gentleman while being assertive

Ukrainian men overall are not polite to their women. Ukrainian women will be the first to tell you this. It’s important to treat your woman well. Always be a gentleman but at the same time remain assertive. Ukrainian women enjoy the idea of courtship. That doesn’t mean they don’t also have their own naughty side behind closed doors. However, there is a longer process with dating in Ukrainian.

It takes time to learn the difficult balancing act between being a gentleman and acting assertively at the same time. This balance is learned through experience.

9. Do not discuss politics

Understand that Ukraine is still at war. There has been an unprecedented growth of nationalism. Many western Ukrainians wish to ditch Russia and hold aspirations for joining the European Union. Ukrainians from the East may have stronger familial and cultural ties to Russia.

Be aware of the present situation, but avoiding injecting your opinions once you are in Ukraine. The situation is multifaceted and complex. Injecting a foreigners point of view to a Ukrainian girl is a zero-sum game and accomplishes little.

10. Don’t be cheap

I repeat – never, ever consider not paying for the bill on a date. 9 times out of 10, and perhaps even more, you can expect that the girl you’re on a date with will not even flinch or move a finger when the bill comes. You are the man. There is an expectation that you will pay for dates and other activities you do together.

Why? Well, simply for two reasons:

  1. The average salary in Ukraine in the capital of Kyiv is around roughly 300 USD per month, meaning most girls really don’t have much money
  2. The idea of a man paying is ingrained in their brains since a young age.

There’s no way around this. If you’re a cheapskate, you won’t have success in Ukraine, period.

Take her out on dates, pay for her, and once the relationship develops you can also expect you’ll be paying for the majority of other things as well – including that extended trip to Cyprus.

It is important to note that there are some rules that only apply to foreigners. While Ukrainian men are expected to foot the bill. As the relationship, progresses it is normal for the woman to assume some of the financial responsibility. Men from abroad will be expected to assume most of the costs throughout the duration of the relationship. Slightly different rules apply in the relationship game. You cannot win in deviating from this rule. Consider it a cardinal rule for dating Ukrainian women. If you are more of a “Go Dutch” guy, then consider Swedish women.

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11. Invest in the courting process

As with the majority of countries both North and East-ward from Ukraine, the 3 date rule will come into play. If you’re familiar with the 3 date rule, it simply means you shouldn’t be going for the kill before the third date. Ukrainian women enjoy the courtship process, and when it comes to the third date (if you make it that far), they’ll know the score. It’s now time to escalate, be the leader, and make that move if that’s what you’re looking for in the relationship.

It is vital that men moderate their expectations. Dating in Ukraine is different than the west. Women are more traditional when it comes to their view on romantic relationships. Ukrainian women seek to find long-term partners. They aspire to be wives and mothers. Women from the ages of 18-22 are more casual in their dating approach. However, even many in this demographic prefer to be in committed relationships. The women between the ages of 23-27, for sure are looking for long-term relationships.

This does not mean that men shouldn’t let their intentions known. It is perfectly ok to try to kiss on the first date. Just be mentally prepared that the night probably won’t end with her being in your bed. Successful first dates will most often concede with a kiss and plan to meet again.

12. Choose the right Ukrainian city

Ukraine is a large country. Men should conduct thorough research in selecting the optimal city that matches their preference in women. Kiev is a great city to start in for a newbie to Ukraine dating. Kiev attracts the most beautiful Ukrainian women from all over the country. There are ample opportunities to meet women though nightclubs, online dating and during the day. Kiev is the recommended starting point for first-time visitors to Ukraine. It is the easiest city to acclimate to Ukrainian culture.

Odessa is a great choice in the summer. This city attracts Ukraine women who want to bronze their bodies in the warm sun. Odessa is a solid choice for men who have gotten their feet wet in Ukraine and seek novel experiences.

Lviv is the most western city in Ukraine. The women in Lviv present more European than Ukrainian. Men who are leery of heading eastward should consider Lviv to meet the most westernized versions of Ukrainian girls.

It is important to note that these are the top three cities in Ukraine. These cities will afford travelers with the most comfortable amenities. These cities also have very high representation from women on Ukraine Date.

13. Familiarize yourself with nightlife venues

Nigh clubs attract a wide variety of Ukraine women with different intentions. Many normal Ukrainian girls frequent clubs to hang out with their friends, dance and drink. However, there is also a mix of girls who seek sponsors or flat out exchange of money for sex.

Do your homework and read our detailed guides to nightlife in such cities as: Kiev, Odessa, and Lviv. While reading our guides will give you a solid blueprint, always keep in mind that venues change, so you will need to get a sense of which club fits your desired preference by sampling them for yourself.

14. Be ready to approach during the day

If Ukraine was a museum, then Ukrainian women would be the Mona Lisa in Louvre. The talent during the day in Kiev can be mind-blowing. Women in Ukraine dress to impress during all hours of the day. There are ample chances to meeting gorgeous women on the streets, cafes and malls. Ukrainian girls expect to be pursued by men. It is perfectly acceptable to strike up a conversation with a woman during the day with the intention of instantiating her or getting her phone number.

Pro tip

  • The summer months are more competitive. Men from all over will be approaching women in the center of Kiev. Therefore, it is advisable to consider visiting during the low season (November-April). Also, for best results, venture to less touristy areas outside the city center. The girls will be much more receptive.

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15. Expect initial coldness

Ukrainian girls are not the warmest upon first interactions with them. When you first meet them, their eyes may not widen and a warm smile probably won’t ensue. It is important to not place a high emphasis on the first few minutes of the interaction. In fact, the women of Ukraine can appear cold and uninterested. When first meeting a Ukrainian girl, you can see the wheels spinning in her mind. The following questions will be running through her mind.:

  • Is he a sex tourist?
  • What are his intentions?
  • What does he want from me?

Expect the following questions on subsequent dates:

  • What do you think of Ukraine girls?
  • How any times have you been here?
  • Why did you choose Ukraine?
  • Have you had a Ukraine girlfriend before?

The initial coldness is not a character flaw in Ukrainian women. It in fact, serves as a key measure of screening men out. Ukrainian women are used to being view as sex objects for foreign men. The initial coldness helps to buffer their emotional attachment until they are able to assess the intentions of a man, before committing to the courting process.

16. Don’t let age stop you

Wide age gaps in dating are not uncommon in Ukraine. Women are open to dating men 20 years+ older. Large age differences are not condemned like they are in the West. As always, we recommend that men invest in their fitness, fashion and overall physical appearance for maximum results.

Most Ukrainian women are interested in securing a responsible, loyal, financially solvent man.

They respect men who have life experience and take charge of their actions. Older men who embody these qualities do quite well dating in Ukraine. I have witnessed vast age difference in couples in Ukraine. Unlike western countries looks in men are not the most prominent criteria for selecting a mate. Men who are financially successful, serious-minded and wise are held in the highest regard. These traits in men take time to develop, often culminating through age.

Successful older men are relevant in the dating market in Ukraine. Older men who search for serious relationships with younger women should consider Ukraine as well as the Dominican Republic and the Philippines as top destinations.

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17. What to expect on a date

There is an expectation in Ukraine that men do most of the talking. Be prepared for frequent lapses in conversation, marked by silence. Women expect men to carry the conversation. Western-style humor does not always go over well. Keep the jokes and teasing to a minimum. Clown Game has no place in successful seduction in Ukraine. I find that the following is the best recipe for lining up dates:

  • First date: should be light and casual. A walk in the park is a great way to spend time building comfort and rapport. Do not expect much physical contact on the first date. Your task should be demonstrating your social skills and gentleman charm.
  • Second date: should signal to a Ukrainian a woman that you have romantic interests.A solid follow-up to the first casual date is dinner at a moderately priced cafe. Always choose the venue.
  • Third date: Should involved either drinks or dinner at a venue close to your apartment. By this time, you have laid the groundwork in expressing your romantic interest and building comfort. The time is now come to physically escalate. If sex does not occur by the end of the third date or at least convincing kissing on her part, then she might be stringing you along for dinners and a night out on the town. It is perfectly reasonable to assert your interest in her as a woman at this point and to ask her straight out what her intentions are.

 18. Recognize that the Game has changed

Ukraine is flooded with male tourists who are in the county with the specific reason for meeting women, like no other county. The only other countries that come to mind with such a degree are PolandThailand, and the Czech Republic. However, in my experience, Ukraine takes the cake in garnering the most male attention. There are several reasons that contribute to this trend over the past 5 years.

  • Travel within Europe has become exceedingly cheap. Hordes of men from western countries are now able to consistently travel to Ukraine cheaply, several times per year.
  • The false reputation of Ukrainian women being easy still persists in many foreign minds.
  • Prostitution in Ukrainian nightclubs is widespread.
  • Ukraine has a very relaxed visa policy for most travelers.

I have never seen so many PUA types like I have during the summer months in Kiev. It is fairly common to witness several Daygame approaches by men in the center of Kiev, just when you are going about your daily business. The foreign invasion has certainly changed the dynamics of dating in Ukraine. Not only is the competition stronger, but the foreign exotic factor is significantly diminished. Men from the United States and Western Europe are no longer a novelty. Furthering the deceased novelty is that many European countries have opened their borders to Ukrainians for travel. Ukrainian women are traveling with more ease to Western Europe.

In addition to the foreign influx, the PUA movement has caught on with the local women in Ukraine. Younger, Ukraine men are now emulating western Pick-up artists. While their skills are not yet refined, this new trend signals that local men are moving towards self-improvement and a concerted effort to improve their dating results. It is common knowledge that Eastern European men are not regarded well by their women. They are generally considered too stoic and cold. They also do not make concerted efforts to maintain their appearance like many western men. The stereotypes of them being lazy, alcoholics who are unappreciative of their women persist today. However, Ukrainian men have recently begun to take a small step forward in proving themselves to be more viable dating options.

The increased competition has also influenced marriage in Ukraine. Ten years ago, Ukrainian girls were getting married young-between the ages of 18 and 23. Now, most Ukrainian women are deferring matrimony until their mid to late 20s. They are holding out a few more years to ensure the best chance of securing a high-value mate.

Men need to recognize that the Game has changed. Competing for Ukrainian beauty necessitates that men offer to women than just their nationality. Style, fitness, and social calibration are necessary traits for cracking into top tier talent.

19. Do the small things for your Ukraine girlfriend

Ukrainian women want to be the center in a man’s life. They have a strong desire to feel his love and affection. There are a few smalls considerations that go a long way in demonstrating for your affection.

Family is essential to life in Ukraine. It is common to see Ukrainian women strolling down the street with their arms locked with their mothers. If you are in a relationship with a Ukrainian woman, be prepared to meet her parents. Russian ability will go a long way in making connections with her family.

Small gifts of flowers for her mother and a bottle of alcohol for her father are perfectly acceptable. This will ingratiate you with her family but won’t be considered over the top. Forming connections with her family members will demonstrate that you have serious intentions.

In addition to the practical exercise of meeting her family. It is also essential to express yourself through words. Make sure to:

  • Compliment her: Instead of making verbal compliments about her general beauty, recognize something specific about her such as her perfume, nails, shoes and sexy skirt. Make sure to let her know how you appreciate the small things she does to look pretty.
  • Let her know that she is special. You won’t lose points like you do in the West for expressing your appreciation her.
  • Buy her small gifts: Just as you did for her parents, present her with flowers, chocolate or her favorite perfume from time to time.

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20. Invest commensurate with her investment

Ukrainian women are masters at gaining value from men. Even in an unsuccessful relationship from her point of view, she will stay if the man provides value. If you followed the advice in the above section and she does not reciprocate through cooking, cleaning and small favors you may ask, then she is biding her time for a better option. The biggest mistake men make is being swayed by beauty in Ukraine. It is much easier to sleep with a beautiful Ukrainian woman than to make a lasting, fulfilling relationship with one.

Men are advised to strongly consider her personality and propensity for giving. Her kindness and concern for you should trump the value of her beauty. Nature is not without a sense of fairness. Young, Ukrainian women are blessed with divine beauty that could inspire poetry. However, they do not age well, thus their beauty being short-lived must be complemented by inner resources.

Ukrainian society is transnational at its core. Ukraine is a country where only the strong survive and flourish. Manipulation and corruption are a ubiquitous part of the social and economic fabric of Ukrainian culture. The transnational nature of relationships reveals its ugly head in romantic relationships. While foreigners can’t expect to win playing by Ukrainian rules, they should make sure their good deeds with women are rewarded. Unfortunately, many women operate under the guise for love. However, at the very heart of all Ukrainian relationships is a transnational underpinning.

Women expect to receive value from a man when they give themselves sexually and emotionally to him. It is certainly possible for a Ukrainian woman to genuinely fall in love with a foreign man, but they will only do so, if he has his ducks in order, financially. As I emphasized earlier, Ukrainian women are more cerebral and less swayed by emotions. Before they fall in romantic love, they must be mentally satisfied that their relationship is enhancing the quality of their life.

Nobody knows how to win in the transnational game like a top-tier Ukraine woman. The women in the top 5% know their inherent value is predicated on their beauty. These women will also be less likely to have interests in foreigners. Their presence will be for exceedingly wealthy Ukrainian men who will provide for them all their life.

21. Moderate your expectations for sex

Among many foreign men, Ukrainian women have the reputation for being easy to bed. This reputation stems from men who visit Ukraine in search of ladies of the night. Many of these men actually convince themselves that sex workers and gold-diggers have sincere interests. The perception of “normal Ukrainian” women being easy is far from the truth. While some women have gone down the path of exchanging sex for straight out cash or a hope of a better life, the majority of women remain quite conservative.

Sex does not usually occur quickly.

There have been exceptions in my time in Ukraine, but the majority of my dating experience did not result in fast, casual sex. One-night stands are taboo in Ukraine. Most girls in Ukraine will refuse a kiss on the first date. Be prepared for a longer process on getting her in your bedroom than in the West.

ukrainian women

Closing Thoughts on Ukrainian women

Ukrainian women allure men by their beauty and femininity like none other women. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Ukraine has experienced a “Love Tourist” trend which has translated into millions of men entering Ukraine to seduce women. Many of these men, fail to grasp the intricate processes involved in the Ukrainian dating culture. They also underestimate what is required for securing a beautiful Ukrainian woman.

The early days of Ukraine tourism when men could simply seduce women with the promise of a better life in the West are long gone. The cultural and political landscape in Ukraine has created a different set of conditions for dating.

It is a much more competitive environment in competing for the affection from a pretty Ukrainian gal. Ukrainian women can drive you crazy. Sometimes, you will question whether your efforts are worth it. Their constant questions and tests will become tiresome. The courting process can seem long and drawn out.

With some women, it is difficult to assess whether their intentions are genuine. There are many highs and lows with respect to Ukrainian dating, However, the dividends of their physical beauty and feminine nature can make the supreme effort worth it in the end. Be persistent, patient, and follow-through using the above tips to achieve optimal dating success.

This nearly 6500-word article is written with the sincere intent on informing men on the unique factors that will influence their success with Ukrainian women. The information presented here is based on years of experience and countless interactions with women in Ukraine. This has been my path and the recipe for success. Men are encouraged to use this information as a guide, an important one. However, a man’s success is ultimately determined by carving out his own unique path.

We are always interested in hearing from our readers. Feel free to drop us a comment below.

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    Phil February 23, 2019 - 8:59 AM

    I wish I read the backstory section before I went to Ukraine. I got assaulted by annoying questions. Thanks for the tips. -Phil

    TMT February 23, 2019 - 9:05 AM

    Thanks for the comment Phil. The questioning can be tough. Hopefully you will be more prepared for it next time.

    Gary February 23, 2019 - 3:57 PM

    You guys have the best info on Ukrainian girls I have read. I lived in Kiev for 2 years-this is spot on.

    TMT February 23, 2019 - 4:26 PM

    Thanks Gary

    Rick February 23, 2019 - 3:59 PM

    Great points, is Kiev too crowded in the summer. I am more interested day game then the clubs. I find night clubs in Kiev a waste of time.

    TMT February 23, 2019 - 4:27 PM

    Plenty of chances to meet girls during the day. There are no hard rules to this. Go with what you are successful with.

    Paul February 23, 2019 - 4:14 PM

    What city is best to spend one month in? Thanks

    TMT February 23, 2019 - 4:24 PM

    If it is your first time in Ukraine, post up in Kiev. You can always hit some of the other cities with Kiev as your base. Have a great time and good luck.

    Stephen March 3, 2019 - 10:08 AM

    As an older guy you have to be careful about what they are looking for. I prefer South Asia at my age and it’s has better weather. Thanks for this post though.

    Fidelio July 1, 2019 - 10:12 AM

    Pure Gold Diggers and not loyal bitches. I have been living in Ukraine since 15 years.. Date them then dumb. Don’t think about marriage.. They have honeymoon period in relationships then they always seeking other men, chating, meeting.. Even for married Ukranian woman meeting other man, chating is fine and normal, they have no moral .

    Carlos Palma September 27, 2019 - 5:00 AM

    I honestly think most women should be this way. Men should be men after all. I don’t mind paying for women. Heck, I’d feel weird if she paid for me. What I don’t like is a lack of appreciation which I don’t think is the case with them. However, there’s always the exception of the rule – more of that in a second.

    This is why the USA is messed up. Just like the stereotype in Ukraine, American women are like cheap beer. I am not saying that women must be restricted from, let’s say opportunities where men usually thrive. There’s some things we can do better than women. There’s no doubt about it. And some things women do better that us. Like, we can’t give birth, for argument sake.

    In the eyes of the law, we are treated equally. But how we behave is what makes the difference. I don’t want want to date a a buddy, I don’t want to sleep with a roommate.

    Although I can see why most boys will freak out by reading this because they know they don’t have anything to offer to any women.

    But, why should they date any men anyway?

    Don’t forget they also have expections.

    Why would they want to be with a bald dude who’s overweight, has a master degree in videogames and is alcoholic?

    I certainly don’t expect that from my spouse.

    Feminity is food for a man’s soul. But I can ask for it because I have worked pretty damn hard to have a very nice life. I earned my success. I can provide and so on.

    On the flip side, not all Ukranian women are beautiful. I’ve met some really ugly women from Ukraine. And speaking only for me, if a women is attractive, that’s enough reason for me to approach her. But, eventually I fall for personality. And not sure about my fellows but I can spot a gold digger or a high maintenance bitch from miles away.

    Now, if she’s average looking by her country standards, and she’s from Ukraine, well, that obviously isn’t going to cut it for me. The benefit just doesn’t justify it.

    There’s also beautiful women in my country. Let alone where I live. Sure, they may not come with all the perks that come with an Ukranian women but it’s enough.

    Now, it’s shallow that they see their value on their beauty but then again, I get it. Shouldn’t be that superficial but it’s a start I guess.

    I also have no way of verifying the claim that they don’t age well but I couldn’t care less really. Old is old and old people aren’t sexy. They have wrinkles and forget things. It’s just life and I’m cool with it.

    As far of the chase, I enjoy the courtship process as much as them. But I have mixed feelings towards mind games because I don’t friend women I am interested in romantically. I show my intent early.

    My only hope is that once she’s my girlfriend or wife, the games end right there. That’s actually a great question. Is that the case? Or not at all?

    So, to wrap that up, I really think the gender roles adds spice to the relationship and keeps things exciting.

    TMT October 8, 2019 - 3:48 AM

    Thanks for the comment. The Game does not necessarily end with a Long-term relationship. Men are still expected to provide financially and through leadership. Good luck in your search and feel free to keep us posted.

    300 panties down August 19, 2020 - 9:22 PM

    Spoken like a real man. I want to answer you in addition to what was replied. This answer is for you and for other men.

    The Game (The Dance) does not magically change once you get married or become a serious ‘commited’ partner. She doesn’t suddenly change from a feminine dressy lady into a dude in pajamas with a stubble. She doesn’t suddenly turn into your buddy (who is at the same time sexy and attractive). She is still a woman. And always will be. The Dance will go on. You will still lead her as a man and partner, and you will still dominate her, wow her, romance her, love her, care for her, guide her and basically be HER MAN, till the end of your lives.

    Because of the fact that she is a woman (not those men-hating feminist types), she will still want to look up to you as The Man in her life, to love and respect you. You have to be the part. Play the part.

    Otherwise, many men will want to step up and play the game and take your role. And having a female brain, she may give in to those advances if you are not strong enough or man enough (or your relationship has not been built with strength to withstand assaults, or if she does not have high levels of integrity, or the relationship has not yet reached a maturity, or her mom was a cheater, etc…. many possible reasons that may contribute to a breakdown of relationships).

    The takeaway is this: As long as we are MEN and they are WOMEN, The Game or The Dance never stops.

    It stops when we die. Never forget to be a man. Never expect things to ‘just happen because we are “in a relationship” now’.
    Never take things for granted. Sometimes we wish we could just take it easy and things would just “happen nicely”. But try that with a sailboat. Taking your hands off and wishing for things to just happen nicely is a guaranteed disaster in the making. Or eating whatever we want, without exercise and wishing that we have an amazing and healthy body.
    This is life. It is what it is. A successfully ongoing relationship takes work. Anything worthwhile takes effort, even if you love each other.

    Good luck!

    Jason October 2, 2019 - 2:21 AM

    I am brand new and started talking to Ukraine women on Russian Cupid website. I have maybe landed one that might end up well for me. I’m not looking for anything other than long term to marriage with one woman. This guide is spot on about questions and coldness. But I found a few when they open up finally… It’s a dream.

    I’ve had bad experiences with women here in America and I thought I’d give a shot to other countries. I like it so far.

    This guide is an eye opener. Thanks for it!

    TMT October 8, 2019 - 3:50 AM

    Thanks for the comment. Good luck. Yes, This site is a good one for finding a long-term relationship. Keep us posted.

    Jim December 15, 2019 - 9:22 AM

    Thanks for writing up your guide. It was very informative.
    I’ve been to Ukraine twice this year and will go back early next year. My first trip was a filler between two meetings in Europe where I had a week in between and rather than fly back the states I decided to go somewhere that I hadn’t visited before plus I’m a WW2 history buff and trying to wrap my mind around the eastern front. I got on a few of the dating sites to contact some women. Most of the letters I received felt like they were produced in some writing mill, generic and with little reference to my profile. After communicating with several women at times their letters appeared to not be written by them at all and usually diverged into the hyper suggestive arena. The next letter it would be back to this sweet woman I thought I was getting to know. It was almost like their agency got involved to spice up the conversation. Getting them to the video call weeded out a good number of them as the excuses started to mount ( bad internet, no video camera, no laptop or too busy with work), I usually give them 1 excuse if they persist on not getting on a video call I stop the communication. Next we come to the visit to Ukraine. If you thought the excuses were telling for the video call, you now are at a whole different level for the face to face meeting (Washing my hair that week, a lot of Ukrainian women have long and thick hair I’ve discovered ;-}, doing their nails or had a sudden trip). When I did get a meeting it almost felt like a job interview when you have been out of work for a while and as you said having a good backstory is key. The first meeting the woman did not look like her pictures, wasn’t dressed very nicely and really did not look like she wanted to be there. So I wondered did she write any of the letters or did her agency and her agency made her go to the meeting. The translator is another thing to consider as well as seating arrangement. The woman sat next to me and the interpreter sat across from me. It felt like I was dating the interpreter as I spent most of my time looking and speaking to the interpreter. In a different meeting in a different city the woman arrived and once again did not look like her pictures and in fact her pictures were from another era, she chewed gum like a teenager the entire time, went right for the Champaign and then didn’t drink much of it. I fixed the seating arrangement but this time I wish I was dating the interpreter. She was gorgeous. The last meeting was the best as I learned from the previous experience. Beautiful woman 20 years my junior and a lot of fun. The trouble started early with the interpreter as she was self taught and messed up several translations that caused some tense moments as I couldn’t figure what happened and was only was able to dig myself out after asking the interpreter what she thought I said. It was almost like those type ahead memes. I had to have the interpreter repeat to me what she thought I said before she could interpret to the lady. Although I suspected the lady knew enough English and the interpreter wingman was part of the scam.
    Some other tips. Uber is pretty good to get you were you need to go and cheaply. My 20 minute Uber ride from the airport was like $8. The challenge with using Uber in any location where you are not familiar with the streets is the pick up. Uber’s gps is not always accurate sometimes up to 3 blocks off. The other thing is that uber is fairly new there and you get to help them navigate to your destination just like get to do in San Francisco. I was in an eastern Ukraine city catching an Uber for a 6 am flight. My Uber driver got into a road rage incident with the one other car on the road at that time. Apparently I had left my ruby slippers back home as clicking my heels together and chanting ‘there’s no place like home’ didn’t work.
    Even after all of that I am still going back, smarter this time. Maybe I will be more successful or maybe I will have even funnier stories to tell about my adventures. The women are very beautiful and the challenge to win them over is a lot of fun. Yeah it costs money but you don’t buy a 5 liter 4×4 pickup and worry about mileage. Good luck to all.

    TMT December 20, 2019 - 6:36 AM

    Thanks for the comment Jim. Best of luck.

    Angel Eyes August 19, 2020 - 9:32 PM

    Hi Jim, I think you answered your own question there.

    If they do not look like the girls in the pictures…. then trust yourself. They are not those women in the pictures. Could even be a random staff from the matchmaking office.

    100% if you asked her a detail about something you wrote… there is no way for them to reply to you. Because they have no idea what you wrote.

    Just understand who is profiting from this.
    The matchmaking agencies.
    The websites.
    The interpreting company.
    All of them above can be the writing mill.
    1 exact email sent to 1000 of the male paying customers every week.

    Do not let your own love chemicals like dopamine trick yourself. Keep your eyes open. Best bet is that you get a speech translation app or gadget and meet girls on the ground in person. If you are looking for someone to spend their lives with you, there is no other way. Meet them. Speak with them.


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