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Vietnamese Girls & The Saigon City Guide [2019]

by The Masculine Traveler
Vietnamese girls

Consider this article to be the internet’s most comprehensive guide to Vietnamese girls, and the breakdown of  Saigon to help guide you around during your time in Vietnam. Asian girls, and more specifically Vietnamese girls have many intricacies about them, which are best to understand before touching down on the ground in Asia.

Let’s get started, and tell you all that you need to know.

Characteristics of Vietnamese Girls

Average looks of Vietnamese girls are, unsurprisingly for South-East Asia: slim, not tall, with long black hair – and slightly, say, oval, attractive eyes. Most Saigon women have pale skin and are, to put it simply but accurately, cute.

So, slim chicks with silky long hair, above average (in size) breasts (as you’ll certainly discover during your trip), and easy smiles: no wonder many foreign men are attracted to the place!

Only drawback, especially comparing with Filipinas, will be, the fact that there is less diversity of looks among Vietnamese girls (in Saigon at least), than in the Philippines or even Thailand: South-Vietnamese people are a fairly homogenous group, ethnically.

I would say that in Saigon, up to 50% of (under-thirty years old) the Vietnamese girls are really slim, feminine and attractive.



This is where Vietnamese girls overcome the competition from other SEA countries. At the moment, they are less corrupted by Western technology, mass tourism and exposure to “liberal” Western values.

As a result, they retain a healthy dose of romanticism and freshness, which is great for us men, but also means that more time (and say kindness) is needed to court and seduce them. This is not a country for clownish, overexcited or bragging “PUAs”.

So take your time in Saigon, play your cards quietly and well, and you’ll very probably get yourself a sweet, sexy, optimistic and full-of-life, local Vietnamese girls.

Vietnamese girls



Language is of course (as is the case everywhere in SEA) a hindrance. Considering that you won’t be able to learn Vietnamese fast, and not even in one year. This is too bad considering it’s a musical, complex and beautiful language.

You’ll have to be content with learning a few words, to prove your respect of the local culture – and of course, rely on English. Pimsleur Vietnamese is a great way to learn the language. 

But not everything is bad news: the level of English of local women (and young people in general) is getting better by the year, as Vietnam (embracing free-market policies) becomes wealthier and wealthier, and middle-class Vietnamese girls (and to a lesser extent, men too) start dreaming of traveling (or even marrying) abroad.

To sum it up, I would say that one-third of young and beautiful Vietnamese girls that you’ll meet will be proficient enough for you to enjoy a discussion with. Another third will know just enough English language for you to be able to interact and bring them back to your place.

Note that you’ll run into some French words (or even popular sayings), with “strange” spellings (like for instance: the excellent, cheap sandwich “pain de mie” that you’ll find on sale everywhere, has become “Ban My”) adapted to Vietnamese speakers, as Vietnam used to be a French colony. This will become obvious to you once you land in Saigon, as many beautiful buildings from the times of French colonization remain. But nowadays, only scholars or ruling-elite families would be able to speak good French.

So, English it will be, for us travelers!



As everywhere in SEA, you’ll have to show respect to elders, and avoid being noisy or provocative (casual dress is okay, but nothing too fancy.)

Remain calm, non-confrontational and polite – which should be easy. Viet people don’t look for trouble with foreigners, and you are very unlikely to ever witness any violence ocurring in the streets. The country is well-organized (even though its street traffic might sometimes seem erratic, to an untrained eye), and the Vietnamese State and its security forces are efficient; as a result, the country is not dangerous at all for tourists (or its local inhabitants).

Good advice for a Westerner in Saigon would be to shed some of his stressful Western habits and behaviours, and be: either neutral, detached and calm (a kinda zen attitude, one might say, but without exaggerating); or, if you are in a situation where you don’t understand the language or risk to make another person lose face, just smile. Smiling is important in Vietnam, as it defuses potentially awkward situations and show that you are not an arrogant, nervous or an aggresive outsider.

If it is your first time in Asia, you’ll also need to get used to the climate (often hot and humid). Along with this comes the noises and smells of the crowded streets.

Overall, this is just a part of the truly exotic SEA experience.

Vietnamese girls


Dating Vietnamese Girls

Saigon is one of the few remaining cities where online dating is still a (relative) goldmine, for foreign males (under 55 at least). Tinder is solid.

Additionally, it’s well worth having a look at VietnamCupid, especially as a way to pipeline prior to your arrival in Vietnam.

Vietnamese Women & The Saigon City Guide

Just put on your profile, pics that show you as a good, conservatively dressed and kind-looking man, preferably well-off – but neither a player nor some overconfident casanova.

And of course, be prepared to pretend that you are in Saigon (also called Ho Chi Minh city, or HCM) for a very long period of time – at least 3 months minimum.

Tell the ladies that you work for a consulting company on a long-term project in Saigon, or even that you’re working for your home country consulate. This way, cute and honest Vietnamese girls will consider you worthy of their time and emotional investment.

You can also try your luck with the WeChat “people nearby” feature, even though it is notoriously full of semi-pros.



Daygame in Saigon will, of course, focus on malls (and in my opinion, the Bitexco Tower mall comes first), but you can also be very successful in touristic parts of the city:

My favorites being along Nguyen Hue street or around the old and quaint Notre-Dame cathedral.

Just ask local women of Saigon for directions (look a bit lost, in need of help), or ask them to take pics of you in front of historic buildings. Then, success will depend on your qualities as a natural and cool “gamer”, but also on the level of English of the woman herself. And don’t hesitate to open (talk to) sets of 2 Vietnamese girls walking side by side, as most local, hot women will generally walk along their best lady friend, on their days off.  

And good thing is: in Saigon, the less-beautiful of the 2 female friends, will usually not “cockblock” you; she’ll even help you (after getting discreet approval from her more beautiful friend), if you look like a “good man” (nicely dressed, polite and good-humored), as people in Saigon are naturally friendly and understand the realities of life.

In this case, that beautiful women have more options and should enjoy more liberty.



Nightgame will allow you to tap into another pool of female talent: not the “daygame”, “middle-class chick enjoying a weekend break” kind anymore – but instead, either the dreaded semi-pro type, or the luscious hi-so type (you should be able to tell one from the other, especially as high-society young women will have well-dressed friends and various orbiters around them). In any case, going out at night won’t break your budget, as Saigon remains relatively cheap even in nightclubs and high-end bars when compared to Singapore, Tokyo, London, DC and the likes.

At night order an Uber and head for one of the best spots: Lush Nightclub (a bit pricey), The Lighthouse, Apocalypse Now, the newcomer Piu Piu, or the quieter Sax n’Art Jazz Club.

Note though that I recommend daygame over nightgame in Saigon when looking for Vietnamese girls to date, as the best women of the city are the uncomplicated, good-natured, curious about life, middle-class chicks you’ll meet during the day. Daygame will yield girls with a moderately well-paying job (or still students), eager to meet foreigners (for romance and yes, sex).

To sum it up, beautiful and feminine Vietnamese girls, keen to meet and please a male foreigner (still a novelty to them, whereas Thai or Filipina girls are usually more jaded!)

Vietnamese girls


Sex & Relationships

ONS are a possibility, even though culturally, most Vietnamese girls will expect a surprisingly high number of dates (before agreeing to sex).

After all, Vietnam, including more laid-back Saigon, is a traditional country, in spite of its remarkable economic growth.

Also, the romantic (some would say naive, compared to Western chicks) nature of many Saigon young women, make them long for a prince-charming, not a brutal casanova in a hurry. But, don’t despair if indeed you’re impatient: you can pull a same-night-lay or ONS, if you have some high-value features (which most Westerners have, in SEA, one way or another) and are able to lead the way in a strong, though of course unthreatening, way. Just go for it, softly but confidently, if you really don’t want to wait and a sweet Vietnamese girl is at your place, alone with you. And even after a ONS, do remain a gentleman, naturally, you don’t want to give tourists a bad name!


Logistics and City Breakdown of Saigon


You’ll want to rent an apartment in Saigon’s “District 1”, though I would not recommend the most touristy (“backpacker heaven” they call it) part of D1, that is in or around Pham Ngu Lao. This area includes too much traffic, noise, go-go bars and penniless backpackers milling about.

Forget about backpacking chicks by the way, as rarely will they be traveling to Vietnam without a male partner (often a massive Australian dude). Unless you find a couple of nice and shy female Japanese backpackers, that is, then go for it!

I personally would choose an apartment a bit farther, up in D1, and preferably along the slow-moving river (or even in the airport district, the less hectic Tan Binh, which actually has some nice, big malls, with little competition from local players).

Important thing is, try and rent an apartment (for example through AirBnB) in a building with no security personnel at the reception (instead, with just a code or key to open the main door).
This way, you won’t have to bother with (possibly) having to register your female guest, plus your girl will feel better about the whole situation: privacy and discretion are always a plus, girls hate being observed and judged by more-or-less jealous people.



When using a taxi or Uber (including a Motorbike Uber), be sure to show the driver the precise Google Maps location of your rented apartment or intended destination, as Saigon is huge, and many backstreets are difficult to find, even for local people. Also, struggling taxi drivers are not always the brightest individuals, especially when it comes to reading maps.

Don’t be afraid in any case to rent or buy a scooter if you stay long-term, as actually, you’ll notice that people of Saigon (who generally use anti-pollution masks) drive quite slowly, and one almost never sees any road accident.

Vietnamese girls

Other Useful Information

About the (many) coffee shops, offering excellent and inexpensive coffee and cakes:

Found all over Saigon, they are a great asset to the city, and to take full advantage of them, you need to choose, close to your place, the most romantic, elegant-looking coffee shop, and later on bring your (first) dates to this place, making it your favorite one.

Of course, if you meet and date many Vietnamese girls, you’ll want to change location after a while, so that local employees won’t start wondering about your many “girlfriends” with high turnover. In the end, it’s not a huge concern as the locals of Saigon will not comment on such things aloud – they are quite into the idea of “Live and Let Live.”



Saigon is undoubtedly a great place for dating slim, elegant and caring Vietnamese girls. It’s also safe, historically rich, very cheap for food, accommodation, and transport.

Additionally, it has tons of coffee shops where you can bring these sweet Vietnamese girls, game a bit and convince them to go for more.

So one should definitely go and enjoy this still-fresh and promising city, without waiting too much – as Saigon’s reputation (favorably and deservedly) grows and more foreign men are bound to take notice. 

Check out VietnamCupid and start pipelining and meeting local Vietnamese girls prior to your trip.



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Tito Stevy March 12, 2019 - 5:25 AM

Viet girls are overrated.

Ricky Smoove April 28, 2019 - 4:10 PM

I like Vietnam but the girls kinda stink. Lots of gold diggers and prostitutes. Ultra prudish and conservative.

If you date a regular Vietnamese girl, they aren’t that loving or affectionate compared to Thai or Filipinas so I’m not really seeing the point or appeal. They are control freaks and a pain to deal with. I honestly don’t know why people keep saying they make great gfs or wives.

On top of that you put in all this work to date average girls while local guys get all the hotties.

Great country but absolutely shitty dating scene.

Roger September 19, 2019 - 4:40 PM

Any other day game spots you’d recommend? Just arrived here. Thanks!


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