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The Seduction Guide to The Women in St. Petersburg, Russia

by The Masculine Traveler
St. Petersburg Russian Women

Russian girls are well established as the most beautiful in the world. Moscow is the most population destination for men seeking to meet Russian girls. However, the women in St. Petersburg deserves strong consider for a top destination to this northern city, especially for a long-term relationship.

This article will provide comprehensive information on everything you need to know for meeting women in St. Petersburg, Russia. Following this guide will help to ensure a fulfilling experience in the city and with its women.

First, let’s discuss briefly this unique Russian city.

The cultural capital of Russia, St. Petersburg is charming and beautiful city and the second largest city in Russia with a population of roughly 5 million inhabitants.

The white nights, spectacular golden-domed churches, along with the packed full streets of long-legged sexy Russian girls draws men alike from all over the world to explore this European-inspired capital. Designed to rival Paris, the city feels more like Western Europe than Russia.

The girls of Russia are certainly some of the most feminine and beautiful in the world, and St. Petersburg has its fair share to offer.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect in terms of Russian girls when visiting St. Petersburg, and if it has the edge over the capital, Moscow.


The Masculine Traveler Rating Guide

Attractiveness of local women: 3.5 / 5
Receptiveness to Daygame approach: 3.5 / 5
Receptiveness to Nightgame approach: 3 / 5 
Logistics: 4.5 / 5
Cost: 3 / 5
English Levels: 1.5 / 5


Tourist Attractions

There is a ton to see and do during your trip to St. Petersburg. Below we’ve listed a few of the highlights you should definitely check-out during your trip:

  • The famous Hermitage Museum
  • St. Petersburg Museum of History
  • Peter and Paul Fortress
  • Mariinsky Theatre
  • Catherine Park
  • Chruch of Savior of Spilled Blood
  • Kazan Cathedral

St. Petersburg, Russia - City Guide and Dating Scene What’s the easiest way to see all of these sights? That’s simple to answer.

Start pipelining and meet some local girls from St. Petersburg on RussianCupid who will show you around the city once you are on the ground. This is a trialed a tested method, as Russian girls are extremely proud of their country and culture and love nothing more than to show a foreigner around and give them the lay of the land — no pun intended.

Of course, daygame also is a solid option to meet some local Russian girls on the ground who could be instadated on a walking tour, but why not get started earlier and have one ready once you land?



English levels are not high, lower than Moscow. They are on par with what you would expect for Russia. I lost out on many girls due to the language barrier. In general, the younger Russian girls (18-22) speak passable English. I have friends who have had success with picking up Russian. However, be prepared to invest time and energy into this endeavor. Even learning a little bit of Russia goes a long way in helping you navigate the city, in addition to any Game benefits.

I recommend Pimsleur for learning Russian in the quickest amount of time with the most minimal amount of effort. You can pop on an audio CD while driving or flying and easily pick up on some of the most important words and phrases to be used in everyday conversation.

Additionally, italki is an excellent resource to meet and speak with real native speakers to really practice using the Russian language. There’s plenty of Russian speakers who want to converse on the tool, and you’ll have no problem finding a partner to talk with via Skype.



For Russia, I found St. Petersburg to be a moderately priced city. Food, drinks, and taxis aren’t cheap but the cost won’t kill you. Here’s a price breakdown from my trip:


Visa: $360 for a 3-year visa with a letter of invitation (for more info on getting a visa, check this out)

Accommodations: $59 per night AirBnB Apartment

Gym Membership: $100 for a one-month membership at Alex Fitness (6th Floor Stockman Mall) *Bring an extra pair of sneakers to work-out in. They will not let you in unless you change your shoes.


The average salary is around the $700-800 USD per month mark. If you shop at the grocery store and cook at home, you can certainly keep your costs down as needed.

Dining out prices are similar to what you’ll find in other large cities, with quick meals going for $4-5 and dinner spots at decent places hoovering around the $15-$20 per entree.



You should rent an apartment on or close to Nevsky Prospect. The location is perfect with cafes, bars, and malls.

If you’re planning to run daygame, this will be your bread and butter. Really no other location in St. Petersburg is better for finding Russian girls during the day, other than a few of the malls.

The ideal location is ideally situated between Moscow and Nevsky train station. The closer to Nevsky train station and the Hermitage, the more touristy the vibe, with historic building, churches and sites.

If you can’t get a place directly on Nevsky prospect, at least settle for something one or two streets off the man drag, at the minimum.

Nevsky Prospect Russian Girls

Remember, during the night St. Petersburg’s bridges will open and you will not be able to get from one side of the city to the other and you’ll be stuck.

It’s imperative that if you choose accommodation, you find something that is located in the center and as close to Nevsky Prospect as possible.

If a girl is staying outside of this area, which is highly likely, this is a good excuse as to why you will have to stay with her until 5AM until the bridges open up once again.



The quality of women in  St. Petersburg can be unpredictable. Some days, you will be able to approach several 8s during the day. Others, you will need to grind it out to find solo 7s. Overall, I found the talent at night to be disappointing and hipsterish.

Russian girls are feminine, sweet, cultured and intelligent. Being the cultural capital, there are numerous artists, dancers, and actors. I rate girls lower than Moscow and Kiev in appearance. Many girls look great from a distance, but have skin problems. However, their demeanor and sweet attitude made dating them a welcomed and pleasant experience.

I recommend St. Petersburg for a longer stay. One night stands are rare unless you lower your standards and are into Hipsters. My sense is that there are many “nice girls” with low notch counts, but they take time. They are romantic, sweet, and intelligent. Dating them is like what the 1950s America must have been like: Tea, desert and a long walk by the river or park.

I did not observe a significant age difference in couples. However, I had no problem meeting girls in their early 20s. Language is, of course, a barrier. Roughly 50% of my approaches did not speak English sufficiently for a conversation. Some of these I was still able to number close and get out on a date. However, using google translate on these dates was a buzz kill.

If you’re looking for tips on dating Russian girls, be sure to check out my guide.


St. Petersburg, Russia Datasheet and Dating Guide


Online Game

RussianCupid is by far the superior dating tool in Russia for meeting Russian girls, and has yielded some of the highest results out of any online dating platform we’ve tested in other countries around the world.

Russian Girls and The St. Petersburg City Guide

Russian girls come on to the platform looking to meet men, and it is used as a serious dating tool when compared to what you will find on Tinder for example in other countries in the world such as Australia, USA, etc.

Admittedly, RussianCupid has more solid options in Moscow, but there are still plenty of Russian girls using the platform in St. Petersburg and in other parts of the country.

For online dating, and especially for Russia, we highly recommend RussianCupid for pipelining and while you’re also in St. Petersburg on the ground.

Nevsky Prospect Russian Girls



St. Petersburg is ideally situated for daygame, particularly direct street approaches on Nevsky. Due to the Northern Lights, you could potentially run daygame almost 24 hours a day. The sweet spot is from 6pm to 10pm, but possible into the later evening during the summer.

I suggest concentrating your efforts along Nevsky between Moscow and Nevsky metro stations. During peak hours, the streets are packed. Aggressive, frontstop approaching is optimal and necessary for these conditions. My sweet spot for Daygame was Stockman mall, a bit more upscale than its counterpart, Galleria. Stockman is smaller and has a perfect layout for approaching. There are also a few coffee shops in the mall. Posting up outside Stockman is ideal as you have access to street traffic on Nevsky as well as girls entering the mall.

Galleria is much larger than Stockman. You will find more girls in the 18-22 range. Posting up outside is a good idea, being located right next to Moscow station.

Having daygamed in many cities, St. Petersburg offers superb logistics consisting of volume of women, malls, cafes, coffee shops, and unlimited places for instant dates.




In a word, disappointing. Although I am not a night owl, it is nice to have the option when traveling. The hipster scene is alive and kicking during the night. Many bars are a rip-off of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The biggest problem is the lack of consistent talent frequenting the bars. Friday and Saturday are decent starting at around 2AM, but disappointing for a city of this size.

A few previously noteworthy venues have recently closed: Radiohead and Circus.

Rubenstein Street: Has the best talent for nightlife, with several bars to chose from, with some nice date spots. However, approaching at these bars is difficult with the talent often being in mixed sets and seated at tables.

Liteyny Street: A few decent bars – Coyote Ugly and Neebar

Dumskaya Street: Crowed, trashy unless you are into ugly hipsters, avoid this place.

Others: Santa Barbara – Saturday night has the some of the best talent.  It is located near the Kazan Cathedral.

Paradise – Upscale Restaurant and bar with high-end talent. Girls are often in large groups, seated at tables.

Rossi Club – This place is rumored to have high-end talent. I went on a Friday at 11:30 and it was dead. I also went on Saturday and gave it until 1:00 am. I may have ejected early, but I saw nothing to make me stay with the crowed being older with washed up hags.



Overall, St. Petersburg is a lively city with a lot to see, but the Russian girls generally pale in comparison with what you will find in Moscow. The nightlife is lacking, and much is left to be desired when compared to the capital.

I would not come here if you are not proficient in Daygame and have strong date game.

The Russian girls of St. Petersburg still are feminine, beautiful and charming on average but you will find many more of the hipster types than what you will find in Moscow. However, the key advantage of Russian girls in St. Petersburg is that they are more long-term minded. The women are more suited for marriage than the women in the fast paced city of Moscow. Therefore, men who are more relationship mind, should consider a trip to St. Petersburg.

If you’re looking for fast sex and nightlife hit Moscow.

If you have the time, are patient and looking for a something more serious, then St. Petersburg might be your city.

Want to learn more about dating Russian girls? Then have a look at my article Dating Russian Women



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