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Women in Moscow: The Blueprint for Seduction [2019]

by The Masculine Traveler
The Ultimate Moscow City Guide

Women in Moscow are some of the finest species on the planet, and Moscow is the best place to meet them. Unless you have been living on Mars, you are probably aware that Russian women are among the most beautiful in the world.  We tend to think of slender blondes, but Moscow is diverse.  People from all parts of the former Soviet Union have settled into Moscow to work and attend university.  Whatever your preference, you will not have trouble finding it here.

I rate the women in Moscow slightly below their counterparts in Kiev in terms of beauty. However, I found them to have slightly better bodies. With that said, the differences between the two is like splitting hairs. I enjoyed my dates more with Russian women as opposed to Ukrainians. No shit tests or inquisition as to why I was in Russia. My sense is that they are not desperate to leave their country, but they would if they found the right man.

The girls are feminine and want the man to lead. They want a man to make decisions and they have a desire to put their trust in a man. Similar to my experience with Ukrainian women, they are clever. Cultured and sophisticated, they enjoy the finer things in life. It is common for a Russian woman to have learned an instrument or studied performing arts.

They value traveling to warm exotic places and European cities. If I had to guess, an ideal place to live would be Italy or Spain. They find romance languages to be beautiful. They enjoyed listening to my terrible Spanish and remarked how beautiful it was.

Girls have a complex view of America. On one hand, they admire it and want to visit. Conversely, they exhibit a slight anti-American sentiment. They are angry about the sanctions and feel Russia is being treated unfairly. I found it best to politely change the conversation, stating that I am not political and I wish the situation to improve soon.



The Masculine Traveler Rating Guide

The attractiveness of local women: 4.5 / 5
Receptiveness to Daygame approach: 3.75 / 5
Receptiveness to Nightgame approach: 3.75 / 5
Logistics: 4 / 5
Cost: 2 / 5
English Levels: 2.75 / 5



The Climate of Moscow

Famously frigid winters lasting well into March, residents bask in the sun for the months of June, July, and August, which are warm and comfortable.  You will need an air conditioner in the summer, as temperatures climb quite high.

Arguably, the winter months can be better in Moscow in terms of women are there are zero to no tourists, and the women simply seem more open. If you can brace yourself for sub-zero temperatures, then the coldest months can be some of the best for meeting Russian women in Moscow.


Logistics of Moscow

Moscow is the capital and largest city of Russia with about 12 million residents.  Moscow is actually the largest city in Europe and the most important Russian city in terms of politics, culture, and business. Moscow is often ranked in the top 10 most expensive cities in the world. Undoubtedly in terms of beauty and women, Moscow is the top city in Russia to visit.

There are 5 airports in Moscow. You will most likely arrive in either SVO or DME.  Moscow is a huge sprawling city which is connected with a well-planned out Metro system that links the city underground.  Moscow residents typically identify their surroundings based on the metro stop.  It is not only a modern marvel of engineering but also a cultural one, graced with works of art including statues, sculptures, and painting suitable for any museum in the world.

The Metro is great, but it is not open 24 hours on the weekday.  Fortunately, Uber is available and represents the best taxi service both from the airport and within the city.  Beware of the Gypsy taxi drivers.  They usually aren’t dangerous, but they are not native Russians and have no idea where they are going.

For longer stays, renting an apartment on Airbnb is the way to go.  Rent is expensive, even with the recent currency devaluation.  Generally, anywhere within the first ring is considered the center and prime location.  My preference is for Tverskaya, between Pushinskaya and Mayakovskaya metro stations.  Rents are a premium here and will run between $1400 on the low side to $2,000 per month at a minimum.  Make sure to get an apartment with air conditioning in the summer.

For short stays in this area, I suggest the Moscow Marriot Tverskaya Hotel


The Ultimate Moscow City Guide To Dating Russian Women (Updated 2019)


The Russian Language

Something that most should know prior to visiting Moscow, English is not widely spoken.  However, college-age girls usually speak passable English.  Developing Basic Russian will help tremendously just navigating the city. I recommend the Pimsleur Learning Program for learning Russian.

Learning a bit of Russian is going to go a long way in your interaction with Russian girls, and will show some interest other than just another foreigner when you can speak at a conversational level. There’s a ton of good opportunities to learn Russian in Moscow for those staying longer-term, especially on campus at some of the biggest universities.

Additionally, italki is a great resource to have lessons over Skype with a certified language teacher.



The Ultimate Moscow City Guide To Dating Russian Women (Updated 2019)


Online Game in Moscow

Tinder is solid in Moscow.  I had more matches in Moscow than any other city. I also had good success with Russian Cupid.

I have been using Russian Cupid for years, and have met beautiful women who were living in the U.S. or on vacation.  I met my ex-girlfriend on Russian Cupid, a solid 8 from originally from Moscow, but living in the U.S. As we’ve mentioned before, Russian Cupid is solid compared to all other options as there are a plethora of girls on the site, and a small fee to use it which keeps a lot of guys off the platform altogether (and on Tinder instead.)

Whether you’re on the ground in Moscow, in another city in Russia or just pipelining for an upcoming trip, Russian Cupid should be your go-to option for meeting Russian women prior to being on the ground.



I have had the most amazing success in meeting girls during the day.  I have to admit I put forth a lot of effort and energy,  but the payoff was worth.  By the end of my second week of a recent trip, I had a three-girl rotation in the high 7 to low 8 range.  More importantly, they were all intrinsically high-quality relationship-type women.  I genuinely enjoyed my time spent with them.

Moscow is so spread out that Daygame can be frustrating from a logistical standpoint.  Be on alert in the Metro.  Use it for approaching as well as transportation.

The malls, metro, and parks are represented your best Daygame spots.


Nightlife in Moscow

For such a large city, there are surprisingly few night options Sunday through Wednesday. Starting Thursday, Moscow nightlife starts to heat up. Moscow has every type of venue from the local bar to super upscale clubs.  Finding your niche will take some experimentation.  But that’s the fun part if you enjoy Nightgame.

To kick the evening off, I recommend the following:

Strelka Bar: Located on Moscow Island, this is your go-to venue to start your evening of clubbing on Moscow Island.  It is within walking distance of all the major clubs on Moscow Island.  There is a large indoor bar, outside ground level patio, and upstairs large deck with a bar and restaurant.  This is also a solid place to open women in the early evening.  The crowd becomes more hipsterish as it gets later into the evening.

The following clubs are for late night partying:

Icon: Located on Moscow Island, this should be your number one club for younger girls.  One night stands do happen here.  There are also a few paid eye-candy girls in the club.  They are easy to identify as they open way too easy, arrive early and alone, and drink for free.  They are a time sink and to be avoided.

Gipsy: Located on Moscow Island, this club gets insanely packed and loud.  There is virtually no Face control.  Considering there is no face control, the crowd is mixed.  Gipsy is popular with foreign men looking to pull.

Soho Rooms: Famous Moscow club venue, upscale for the Moscow socialites and pretenders.  Many of the hottest girls in the club are paid to be.  Don’t make this a staple in your nightlife rotation, but go when they have a special band or DJ.

Siberia: Formerly, in the same category with Soho rooms. It is a restaurant turned club. Occasionally, a famous Russian singer might be performing. Otherwise, it is a complete waste of time.  Generally, it is to be avoided.

Chips: Superb location within walking distance to the Red Square.  Based on the location and solid rooftop layout, you would think Chips would be a homerun venue.  Chips, in reality, is a disappointment and underperforms with quantity for such a large space.

Cuba Libra: Close to Chips and a solid spot during the week for drinks.  They have two-for-one happy hour drink specials.

Jagger Bar: Location is out of the way.  This is a solid rock and roll club and pick-up place if you can tolerate the loud music and jam-packed crowd. Jagger is a good alternative if you are burnt out from Moscow Island.



Chesterfields: Perhaps the best-kept secret in Moscow!  It is the best Ladies’ night venue in Moscow.  Ladies drink for free Wednesday night at Chesterfields and get absolutely smashed.  You will have an excellent shot at pulling here.

Mendeleev Bar: Located on Petrovka street, it is difficult to find at first. The entrance is inside a Chinese restaurant. Strange but this is Moscow.  This is a chic venue, better suited for a date spot.

Nore: Nice open space with a good wine selection located on Tverskaya.  This is not a great pick-up spot, but solid date place.

Ugolek: More of a restaurant and an excellent date place.  This also a great place for a drink around 6pm to 8pm on weekdays.  The talent is solid. You can only pay in cash.

Looking Rooms: Located by Pushkinskaya metro.  Looking Rooms is hit or miss.  It is the spot to hit when you have run out of options.

One night stands are alive and well in Moscow.  It is one of the few cities I have been to where you can crack the 8 range with Nightgame.  Of course, looks, Game, and bankroll will be important.  However, you don’t have to be a millionaire to crack into the 8 range.


The Ultimate Moscow City Guide To Dating Russian Women (Updated 2019)


Date venues

In such a large city like Moscow, it is helpful to have a few go-to venues for setting up dates.  The following are 5 of my favorite date venues in Moscow:

1.Mendeleev Bar, Petrovka ul. 20/1: My favorite date spot in Moscow due to its prime location and perfect set up for seducing a Russian beauty. Mendeleev is a secret, underground bar that is dimly lit. It has a solid bar area and several couches, which are perfect for isolation and escalation. The entrance is difficult to find at first. You must enter through a Chinese restaurant.

2. Ugolek, Bolshaya Nikitskaya ul., 12. This is a great dinner date spot one block from Tverskaya. Ugolek is a trendy restaurant that has a great vibe on weekday nights. The food and wine selection are excellent. Menus are available in English. You have to pay in cash though.

3. Saxon and Parole, Spiridonyevskiy per., 12/9. Located near the upscale area of Patriarch’s Ponds, this New York-style restaurant is a trendy place to grab a drink in one of the best neighborhoods in Moscow. There are a few other bars close by for a venue change. Patriarch Pond is within walking distance and a perfect place for a to take a romantic stroll. Saxon and Parole boast a great selection of cocktails. This is one of my favorite venues on summer evenings.

4. Noor, Tverskaya St, 23/12. Noor is perfectly located between Pushinskaya and Mayakovskaya metro stationsTverskaya. It is also a short walk to Patriarch’s Pond. Noor has a great selection of wine and cocktails. The tables inside are well laid out for a date and escalating. There are also a few couches in which you can position yourself next to your date.  The outside patio a nice option for warm summer nights. Noor is my old faithful date venue. It is never too crowded but has enough patrons to round out the right vibe.  It is a solid date venue any night of the week in Moscow.


The Verdict on Moscow

Moscow is my favorite city in the world for dating beautiful and cultured women. You have the holy trinity of Game (Online, Nightgame, Daygame) to meet your Russian beauty.

It is well established that Russian women of Moscow are beautiful, stylish and feminine. I saw nothing to contradict my preexisting idea. I have been to Moscow now three times with duration ranging from one week to 6 weeks. I am struck by their intelligence, femininity and conversational skills. Passionate and sensitive, falling in love with a Russian woman is a special experience.

Finally, be warned that in August, most girls clear out of Moscow and head for Europe, seaside destinations or their country homes.  The best times to visit are September, October, May, and June with nice weather and university in session.

If you’re ready to get started pipelining Russian women now prior to your trip, click here.


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Olga October 17, 2018 - 3:33 PM

Please add the addresses of nightclubs in Moscow. I would like to visit some places from your list.

The Masculine Traveler December 5, 2018 - 12:15 PM

Try FB, all info can be found there and Google.

Russian girl December 4, 2018 - 7:57 PM

Thanks for complements, traveler ) and for so illustrative describing of places to go out, I didn’t even know the half of them)

The Masculine Traveler December 5, 2018 - 12:14 PM

Welcome, Russian girl

Worldpussyslayer August 15, 2020 - 5:56 AM

i know 2 words in russian. I loved kyiv and did well. (Was there for 3 months) met a lot of hot girls that i didnt think i would ever be capable and hooking upnwith in kyiv(engljsh speaking)

Anyways changss tinser llcatiom to mosckw and a llt hot matches… not sure if they speak english tho…


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